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What is McCain really saying in this ad?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) August 14th, 2008

Is John McCain using this ad to insinuate that Barack Obama is the antichrist? If he is, is this the ultimate case of slander or an acceptable political tactic?

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He is saying “All Flash and No Substance”, but it is just jealousy of the flash, which McCain has zero of.

I think this ad goes way too far and may well cause a backlash. We will have to wait and see.

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how do you get antichrist out of that?

The ad is about obamas “god complex”...

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I thought only doctors had “god complexes”.

I sort of see your point about the anti-christ.

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@cheeb :: How do you get “god complex” out of Obama?

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@Cheebdragon, this article discusses what some consider the subtle message of the advertisement. According to CNN the McCain campaign says the ad is “all in good fun.”

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That is exactly what they are insinuating. They are trying to scare the fundamentalist right. anyone who has been involved in the charismatic Christian movement knows what they are trying to say. Watch the Obama/ McCain civil forum with Rick Warren on Saturday. Mr. Warren says he’s trying to restore credibility to the Church. I hope that Saturday will be a turning point in the politics/religion mix.

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@Jp- why are you asking me? It’s not my ad…...“god complex” are the words used on the republican website…

@supermouse- to be honest with you, I think this ad should put the democrats and republicans at about even with all the slander bs.

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I don’t think Obama himself has a god complex, but I have to admit that I was turned off toward him at first because of some of his supporters really do seem to have a religious zeal about them (and how I do detest religious zeal). But that’s not really his fault. In fact, every problem I had with Obama wasn’t really with Obama so much as his supporters. For example, I got real sick, real fast of being called a racist because I said I didn’t agree with one of his view points, or that I thought maybe he wasn’t ready to be president, as opposed to fellating him and gobbling every word that came out of his mouth as truth. I also got sick of being accused of racism by people that turned around and immediately dived into the sexist pool when Clinton came up.

Now, that’s obviously not the case with every Obama supporter. And I like Obama and will be voting for him in the upcoming election. I just think it’s unfair to pin him with a god complex that doesn’t belong to him so much as some of his more radical, idiotic “followers.”

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@cheeb :: Do you really think I read Republican websites? It is a bullshit ad. Funny that McCain is pulling this crap this early. If he had a solid platform he wouldn’t need to. He should be making ads touting himself, but he can’t.

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I think McCain knows who his supporters are, and is playing on every fear they have. Any Christian would recognize the theme as anti-christ-like. Though the language may not be from the bible, it is very “biblical,” and the images of Moses are no accident.

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I’m sorry but obama is a idiot he says he is going to take the troops out And he thinks he knows what goes on out there but he dosent mcain does he’s done his time which I think every president should do 4 years in the army he’s the man he knows how it feels and how to deal with stuff obama say stuff he dosent mean and he can’t do mcains ads are the real thing he knows what he’s talking about

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@lacrosse247: that’s a very convincing argument. you’d make a great spokesperson for the mccain campaign.

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@the purple sqwid thanks ;)

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@lacrosse I’m fairly sure pete was being sarcastic. I’m no grammarian, nor do I have the issues with written expression that others here on fluther have, but even I was annoyed at the lack of grammar and punctuation in your post. Yikes. Embrace the comma.

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woah so sorry I didn’t know anyone cared

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There is a reason our founding fathers chose to have the commander in chief be a civilian.

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@judi—Bingo. Lurve for you.

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