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How good is Jawbone?

Asked by davoice (53points) July 25th, 2007 from iPhone


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Assuming you're referring to the jawbone bluetooth, I've heard mixed reviews from some friends of mine. On the plus side it has great noise cancelling, on the negative side it looks funny and is uncomfortable. ( I can try to get one of my friends to post on here with his personal experience)

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I have also seen people complain of comfort issues. One person posted on the Apple iPhone Discussion pages that they put Jabra eargels on the Jawbone and that made it much more comfortable. If I ever get on (my current car has a Bluetooth system, so I don't really need it now) I will have custom earmolds made for it.

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I've had mine for a out three months. I agree that I'd can get a little uncomfortable. But the noise reduction is excellent. Its a must-have for me since I work in SF and the city streets make it impossible foe many to hear or understand me.

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A little late on this one but wanted to throw my 2 cents. I picked up a jawbone when I purchased my iPhone and love it. I agree the comfort thing can be somewhat of an issue. I’ve never seen any other Bluetooth headset come standard with so many optional configuration pieces. Finding the right combination of ear loop and ear piece is tricky. I ended up finding the right combination and then bending the ear loop to fit me perfectly. Sort of a hassle but on the other hand there’s no other unit that gives you so many in-box configurations.

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It’s almost perfect right out of the box. I modified mine by taking off the clip and replacing the earpiece with a homebrew-customized Jabra eargel (basically, you take the locking ring out of one of the spare Jawbone earpieces and glue it into a Jabra one, rotated into the correct position before the glue dries, and then cut a small opening in the ring for the sound hole). It’s now louder, easer to take off and put on, and still offers flawless noise reduction. I like mine a lot.

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