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How does Peter Strzok impact Mueller's investigation?

Asked by seawulf575 (6328points) December 15th, 2017

Peter Strzok has been shown to have an incredible pro-Clinton/anti-Trump bias and made a comment to friends about having an “insurance” policy in case Trump was elected. He was a lead investigator on Robert Mueller’s team. Since he was integral to Robert Mueller’s investigation, in fact to all the allegations against Trump, does this cast a shadow on the validity of any findings Mueller might come up with? Another related thought is should the Clinton email scandal be reinvestigated since Strzok was also a lead investigator on that investigation?

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Almost everyone in DC seems to think very poorly of Trump. If you want to run an investigation into Trump, with someone who doesn’t have negative feelings towards him, you’re going to have to look pretty hard. Many of Trump’s own advisors, have been rumored to speak of him as a moron, or an idiot. I wager the GOP as a whole, have lots of choice words to describe Trump, and likely they have contingency plans, for when Trump fails too.

Those who went after Bill Clinton, weren’t very neutral either.

Just because someone thought Trump would be a bad POTUS, doesn’t mean that they are biased. It means that they were smart enough to know Trump sucks. Should idiots be the only ones allowed to take part in the investigation? I’m sure that’s what Trump wants…

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Not at all. This is another fake news, invented conflict by the right wing to discredit the justice system.

The fact is that there is NO STORY here other than the demented minds of the right wing trying to invent controversy.

And clearly there are some people who like to uncritically parrot the right wing.

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Trump is traveling along currently with a 30% approval rating. This implies that 70% of the population probably sees the man for the insufferable jackass that he obviously is. We’re talking about a man whose own Secretary of State was driven to such exasperation that he (very undiplomatically) declared his boss a fkn moron. Considering that the people investigating Trump are educated and very capable people, how many of them do you suppose DO NOT believe that Trump is a fkn moron? If one qualification for investigating Trump was the requirement of an oath swearing Trump NOT to be a fkn moron, there could be no investigation.

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Didn’t Peter Strzok get fired months ago, before there was any public awareness of or outcry over his apparent conflict of interest? And doesn’t that suggest that the Mueller team is effectively monitoring itself, without the need of public pressure to act? … I mean, that’s more than we can say of how Trump and his administration handled the firing of Flynn… isn’t it?

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I think the leaked emails speak volumes. The Mueller investigation is revealed to be a conspiracy in itself and also reveals a great deal of rigging the election system for Hillary. I also expect to see Comey under investigation soon,

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^Oh my…..

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