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Could this be the most dim-witted person ever to be interviewed on cable news?

Asked by rockfan (11367points) December 15th, 2017 from iPhone

The stupidity starts around the 6 minute mark.

Usually, slimy politicians and spokespeople try to dodge questions and obfuscate the issues, but this guy isn’t even smart enough to do that.

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It’s Alabama.

To quote Jay Leno: They are number one in college football, 49th in everything else

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He’s hilarious.

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Show some respect to your future president.

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Is that the same man who stood in front of Roy Moore’s crowd, at end of election night, and told everyone to descend upon the Secretary of State’s office?

When I saw and heard that, all I could say was, “Huh?” Would a state government office building even be accessible at 11:00 pm? If yes, would the Secretary be working at his desk? If yes again, what’s the point of having hundreds of people mob the place? Misdirected intimidation?

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This makes me laugh so hard.

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Yeah, that’s why he’s an advisor to a candidate for Republican senator from Alabama. It takes a special kind of fool.

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It makes me sad.

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^ @Jeruba – You should be happy when Xmas is around the corner.. Didn’t you hear what the man said?~

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I’ve seen a lot of stupid people get interviewed on the news.
Like this one kid was talking about free college, and all the points he said didn’t make any sense. Like he did no research into it all, was just basing it all off feelings.

Another one was a psychologist who said that the only way to diagnose someone was to physically talk to them and evaluate them in-person. But in the same breath said Trump was a psychopath, and all this other stuff. And when asked, he said he (and no one) has been able to do a psych eval on Trump.

Can you give me the title of the youtube video so I can view it? The link is showing up as restricted on my computer but I could google and find another one.

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“Jake Tapper destroys Roy Moore Spokesman”

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I think I have a copy of “Barely Legal” that I could send him for the next time he is elected to public office. It technically should work.

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