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Are you a button pusher?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46549points) December 15th, 2017

I mean, do you push buttons and flip switches just to see what’s going to happen, or do you hang back and wait till someone else does it?

I’m a button pusher. I discover so many cool, cool things just because I look for opportunities to learn something new. I have a friend on FB who makes memes. She commented on a meme she made for a guy who, in her opinion, should have worded it differently.
I said, “Who can’t make a meme?”
Apparently the answer is “Lots of people.”
She told me the name of the program she uses, and I said, “I just use Paint and Word, rather than an official meme maker.”
My friend didn’t believe me when I told her I could make picture collages and add a great variety of text, all in Word. So I threw This together for her in < 10 minutes.
Then she didn’t believe me when I said I could fade the images in Word ot make the text stand out, so I sent her this.
Then I played some more and figured out how to fade just a section of the picture. See the first picture on the left here. (I did that in Paint, though.)
Almost every thing I know about computers is self taught, or I went looking for an answer, and I can do things on a PC that many people can’t, or don’t realize it can be done.

My daughter called via Messenger and I’d not had any experience with it. It was cool seeing the Twins! In less than a minute though, just because I’m a button pusher, I was putting the effects on me, much to the Twins delight.
My daughter said, “How did you do that?”
Me, “I dunno! I just started pushing buttons!”
We all had a blast!

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Yes. I love messing around on new phones and figuring out how to customize it.

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The bane of my life are people who are afraid of computers.

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SAME! Like people need to realize that they aren’t going away and serve as a major advantage to everything we do.

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Yes. My fingers are on the nuclear trigger. Your fate is in my hands.

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Do it. no balls

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We have staff for that

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I didn’t know your real name is Trump rarebear.

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I don’t fool with buttons. Unless they are plainly marked “Do not touch.”

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I could be a button pusher if you could be a euphemist.

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Put me in the toy section of a store and I’m guaranteed to walk out of there with child cooties because I pressed every button I could find.

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You are just like my husband @Aethelwine. He walks down a toy aisle at Christmas and when he comes out the other end every damn dancing toy that can dance and sing and light up is dancing and singing and lit up.

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Yep. I’ll push buttons and switches in stores if they’re on toys or other objects. I’ve even pushed all the buttons in an elevator. I don’t anymore but I have.

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