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International studying?

Asked by chris_ada_agt (10points) December 15th, 2017

Hi, I’m currently serving compulsory military service at Korean Armed Forces(Sergeant), and a 2nd yr uni student in Korea.

Thesedays, I’m prepareing TOEFL to apply cegep(which is college system in QC,Canada , equivalent to community college in the U.S.). Because I’ve always wanted to study abroad since I was 15.

What I want to ask is, Is attending cegep worth spending 2 years to get in McGill though I already have more than 50 credits in current college. I still don’t know whether it would be wasting my life or increase my language ability


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I should warn you that some universities charge extra for out of country students. Sometimes double. You can start as a general studies student before you pick a program.

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What it’s worth to you depends on what you value.

It is definitely not a binary choice of “waste of time” OR “increase your language ability”. It would definitely not be a waste of your time, and would definitely increase your language ability, but “is it worth it?” is subjective – only you can answer that. The most we could help with might be some specific answers to far more specific questions.

For example, in hindsight, I loved the time I spent studying abroad – it was one of my favorite experiences. And also in hindsight, I realize that while university was great and valuable, it was also unnecessary – having attended a good school before university, I could have educated myself, and the only really unique thing going to university gave me that I couldn’t have taught myself, is knowing what it’s like to go to university. (In light of how expensive University is in the USA now, I would think it’s a horrendous rip-off, but not everyplace has barbarically expensive for-profit universities.)

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