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Is it disrespectful to meet another woman while you're on a date?

Asked by dopeguru (1377points) December 16th, 2017

My best friend went on a date last night and the guy saw his female friend whom he hadn’t seen in a while was also at the bar. He tried to hangout with her too, but my friend didn’t know anybody so felt out of place. The guy told the girl that she’s gotten beautiful, right next to my friend. So we aren’t sure what to make of this. Is it normal for someone say this to the opposite sex while on a date with someone who doesn’t know anyone he is talking to? My friend said she felt really down and distrusting of him, but i wonder if its a rightful judgement.

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Disrespectful? That’s really up to the woman who was on the original date. How did she feel?

It’s certainly rude and tacky, sort of a low-class thing to do. But what do we know about the original date? Does she know the other girl? Is she open-minded?

There’s too much that we don’t know about the personalities. But this seems like a rude thing to do.

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So totally wrong. What he did. You don’t ever abandon a date for someone you just run into.

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Not disrespectful, just stupid. Keep doing shit like that and the sisterhood will blacklist your ass FOREVER!

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It would be rude for him to ignore a friend he hadn’t seen in a while while on a date but after a brief greeting and introduction to his date, he should save the hanging out for another time. And certainly telling someone she looks beautiful in front of a date is very rude.

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@dopeguru It would be rude not to greet the other friend. Beyond that, you came on a date with one gal and now she deserves your attention! Undivided.

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To meet unexpectedly no.
But if planned..yes its wrong to use you to get at the other woman jealous.
Think more of yourself and walk away when you suspect underhandedness from your boyfriend.
Dump him and look for a more worthy man.
What and how he treats another is indication of how he will treat you.

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@Inspired_2write has it. Run away fast!

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