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Should I find a new job?

Asked by chelle21689 (6898points) December 16th, 2017 from iPhone

Some of you know the background of my workplace. New leadership everywhere from the new president from letting my boss and boss’s boss go. New ideas, new vision, it’s all about the damn future. Yet all these creative ideas and plans coming from the higher up people have no idea how it affects us “little people”.

My job was always a two-person job where I’m working on projects, recruiting and interviewing, onboarding and terminating, inputting that information as well as benefits. I handle new hires and each semester a bunch of new hires from the part-time faculty side, monthly orientations, issue hundreds of contracts for the new semester for faculty, and on top of all this I handle the phones, walk-ins, invoices, general questions, filing and scanning.

This was tolerable since I found a way for a balance and tried to have student workers. It doesn’t always workout since they only work a 3–8 hours a week and go home during breaks for even a month at a time during busy seasons.

On top of all this, my workload has increased with my boss handing me more to do with another stupid project from the Board. Also we are acquiring another organization so I have a new set of people to onboard, track, etc. He KNOWS we are understaffed and before him we have always tried to hire more help but always get shot down with the requested position yet you see all these new VPs making almost double than the previous one, merit increases, and other people with new positions. We’ve tried and tried. My boss submitted a request twice but nothing. I think most of my new workload probably isn’t my boss’ fault but comes from upstairs. I think all my other coworkers are busy but I don’t know if their workload is as crazy as mine.

He just tells me to try to utilize the students as much as possible. Doesn’t help when they go home and I have no help.

I’ve began to really really hate my job and the hours I put in. I hate I can’t get anything done when I’m handling the constant interruptions from having to be the face of the department. I hate it every day, I don’t remember hating this job until new leaders came in throwing any new idea at us.

I talked to my coworker and to see how she was handling the new bosses too. I didn’t say anything and let her talk and she was basically venting out the same fact frustrations I have only her environment is worse because she kinda works with the president. Our president is so fake nice. Students love her but she’s so fake behind doors and will talk so much stuff about people.

It’s to the point where I think I want to leave. I can’t get anything done and everything is important. All the stuff that isn’t important like scanning, filing, copying, etc. is being piled up because of all my other priorities increasing.

I want to leave but I am in school for free tuition and already started. I want my degree but it will be another two years before I finish. A part of me is thinking my health is more important but I want to finish school. A part of me is scared of starting somewhere new again. I wonder if maybe things will get better but it hasn’t. Everything is completely different.

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My first instinct was to tell you that life is too short to be in a job that you absolutely hate especially if it is affecting your health. But then when I read on and found that you were getting free tuition, I had to rethink my answer.
I’m sure most of us have been in jobs that we hate, but for lack of other jobs in our community, have stuck it out. IF you can get the “I don’t give a damn” attitude about whether everything gets done by the end of each day, and IF you can leave the job at the door by the end of each day, I would try to stick it out for 2 more years to get the free education.

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It’s the classic squeeze with colleges and universities now leading the parade of the nation’s unsung sweatshops. The unfortunate truth is that relief for you and your fellows is almost certainly not in the cards without the combined pressure from a UNIFIED administrative staff. It wouldn’t hurt to get the take of others in the office chain gang in view of confronting management with agreed on grievances. As an individual, you should objectively assess just how disposable you are in the eyes of your superiors. In other words, how big a headache will your superiors suffer from your leaving? Keep in mind that management has every incentive to work you like a plow horse, and the workload will only increase until you break or resist.

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Instead of answering you directly, let me ask a question instead – it’s a rhetorical question; I’m not expecting an answer: Why do you want the degree?

If you see a degree as a professional stepping-stone, and because it’s necessary as a prerequisite for future education, say, in law or medicine or engineering, for example, then the answer is self-evident. But for most people these days “a degree” has about as much value (maybe less, in fact) than a high school diploma had back in the day when I had that.

I became disillusioned with my own college education ¾ of the way through it and simply quit. I never looked back, never regretted it and never said “if only…”. But then, I had never aspired to being a degreed professional: a doctor, lawyer, professional engineer or any other career that would have required “documented credentials”.

You’ve already proven your intelligence in your writing and – even if only to yourself – in your capacity to get things organized and accomplished, to handle a multitude of tasks and to persevere. There are all kinds of careers open to you that don’t care a whit what your educational credentials are, only that you can get the job done. It’s nice to be well-educated in its own right, but you don’t need anyone else to set a reading list for you or to test and evaluate your understanding of it.

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True. My boss doesn’t have a Master’s degree and he makes 6 figures. So does another VP. I just hate stopping what I finish. I may not even be able to continue school if I’m going to be working over time often. So at that point I’d probably find somewhere else. I never really liked office jobs, I always wanted to do something else but not sure what…find something I want to start, build, own, etc. This job used to be pretty good but has turned into a nightmare with the workload. I guess until then, I can still look to see what is out there…

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It doesn’t seem like it will improve any times soon so I think it’s at least worth seeing what else is out there and exploring the idea. I do think a bachelor’s degree is a basic to have at some point but it may be time to jump ship on this job.

Is there any possibility of a lateral move to another job at the college that might be easier?

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Janbb, I’m seeing the unsatisfactory in a lot of areas. Not sure if there’s any other position I’m interested in here but I have an open mind.

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Yes, I understand.

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To me it sounds like the company or your Boss is just keeping you busy running around.
Create your own company if you are that good that you can organize others.
Delegate more of your your Boss does this.
If your company brought in another Company..check out jobs their..transfer?
A BA means nothing if it torments you to get it.
If it was meant to be your Vocation then you would be the happiest person around, except that you are you are in the wrong line of work.

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@inspired_2write if I knew what I wanted to do on my own I would pursue it. I’m interested in buying another place and renting it out and build it up slowly but not sure if profitable.

Also, it’s a master’s degree I’m working on. Not that it matters in this case I guess. I have soul searching to do. I’ve always been lost.

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Want to know what else is hilarious? I’m going to have to work overtime and over out holiday break… my boss doesn’t want me working overtime too much even though I got a crap ton to do, I think it has to do with the budget. How funny! Did I mention orientation in holding in two weeks is coming up and we are no where near ready because my boss refuses to switch to a different room for our crowd and trying to have our speakers cram presentations in a short time…

Not only that but I just repeated myself to him for the fifth time today. Nothing new!!

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