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Any strategies for slippery avocado/tomato/cucumber sandwiches?

Asked by ben (8681points) August 14th, 2008

Every time I make a sandwich like this, it seems destined for deliciousness, and then the floor. Any strategies or ingredients you can recommend that will help me keep it together?

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Mine would be to avoid the cucumber (since I hate it). What I do instead, Ben, is layer the sliced tomatoes and avocado with a good cheddar and grill the sandwich. Cheese as glue. Works every time.

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You could also make it in a pita pocket instead of with bread.

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I think the problem is that your sandwich is missing some meat. Meat has iron which is known for it’s magnetic properties. The added magnetic force should hold your sandwich together.

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I think the pita is the way to go on this… or a slightly hollowed out round roll.

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You could also get some kind of salad shooting device to crinkle cut your cucumber. That would create natural grippage with the bread, and will give the avocado something to cling to.

Aha! Dice the tomato and mix it into mashed avocado. Spread that on either slice and stick the (crinkle cut) cucumber in the middle.

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I vote for the pita pocket bread too.

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Try alfalfa sprouts between the slippery items…delicious and provides traction. So does some freshly ground pepper and crisp bacon. Yummy!!!

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I would try broiling the sanwich open faced. Place the cucumber next to the bread so it won’t get hot and place the tomato on top, with the avocado in the middle. Dab the tomato slice with a bit of mayo or mist with oil and broil. Eat with a knife and fork. Yummm

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let me guess – you’re slicing the avocado? how about mushing it up and use it as spread on both sides of the bread.
or put it in a tortilla wrap.

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OR eat it open faced and mindfully. i feel like 2 slices gives the illusion of security so people tend to be more careless with consumption.

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Buy one of these. It cuts a circle out of your bread, and seals the edges at the same time!

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it’s its


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Mash the avocado and it will hold everything in place.

Add a squirt of lime juice and a hit of garlic & black pepper into the avo and toast the wheat bread. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

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@PnT That would almost make me eat the cucumber.

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Have you tried adding some hummus to the mix or tossing the cucumbers and tomatoes with a bit of olive oil?

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Just staple the ends.

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you definitely need to layer it properly : ) adding hummus also helps…. i would do avo on bread (on top of mayo/mustard/dressing is fine) then cheese, then hummus, then tomato, sprouts or some other friction builder like lettuce, then cuc, more hummus, then bread. i used to be a professional sandwich maker. but also you might just want to always have a fork, napkin, and plate nearby…. i think pieces will always fall out.

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@emilyrose They will. It is the sign of a great sandwich when they do.

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you could mush up the avocado and spread it on. It would taste the same but might help the tomatoes and cucumbers stick.

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I didn’t read PupnTaco’s answer before I posted. Sorry.

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kevbo said to mash it first, I’m just dittoing.

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cut it into smaller pieces.

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Eat it in a tortilla, or as a wrap.

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