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Women, have you ever personally known a man who you were stronger than?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39089points) December 17th, 2017

Key word here is “personally.” I don’t think I’ve ever personally known a man who I was stronger than, and as a young woman I was much stronger than an average female. My ex once told me that if I got raped it would be my own fault because I was strong enough to fight off any male, which was not necessarily true. (He was pissed because I had recently beat him 2 out of 3 in a tennis match, and regularly beat him bowling and shooting pool.)

I did high jump in track in high school and I remember getting really frustrated when the guys started the bar where I left off, at the point that I couldn’t jump any higher, about 5’ 8”. Every man I’ve known has been stronger, faster and more aggressive than me. He may not be overtly aggressive, but in certain circumstances they’ve all been prepared to fight and to take chances I wouldn’t take.

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Sure. I’ve also met plenty who are less aggressive than I am. My uncle is a giant, but about as aggressive as a wet rag.

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I’m competitive and aggressive in sports. Not terribly aggressive in life unless there is a good reason to be.

Although I had been on a bowling league for several years, and had a respectable average of 165, I took a beginning bowling class in college. There was one guy on my team who just drove me inSANE! He was a spindly little guy. I don’t know how he could even pick up a bowling ball much less throw one, but throw them he did. Well, he dropped them. He literally just dropped them. They took 20 minutes to get to the pins. However, he consistently got strikes because he did exactly what the teacher taught us, put it down in the same place every single time. He consistently beat my score and it drove me NUTS!
Pretty sure I was stronger all the way around than him, but I never knew him personally so it’s just a guess.

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I am not a woman. I am a six foot tall 130 pound male twig. My shoulders are like 4 inches wide.

My GF in HS was interesting and one night in the heat she thought it would fun to see if I could rape her.

Difficulty… Volleyball player. Legs like a bear trap.

No punching was allowed but I was strangled until I gave up. Getting the pants and underwear off would have been impossible. I am pretty sure that if punching was allowed I would have still lost.

But I am like the lowest 1% of intimidating males. Women cross the street when they see me so I am not scared.

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Yes. All men are weak.

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Physically stronger.

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I am physically stronger than all men I have met. Except for my boyfriend. but we don’t talk about that

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