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If I made a video game, would you play it?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) August 14th, 2008

Just throwing it out, but suppose I put out a game with more emphasis on story than anything else, would you play it? Some people buy games based specifically on how quickly they can “blow stuff up”, or based on “how many curse words are in it”... but I mean, if it were free and I was looking for some legitimate reviews, would you play it?

I’m going to start very soon… one of three simultaneous projects I’ve got going on, trying to expand the brand, so to speak.

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Only if it involved having sex with a grilled cheese sandwich and ran on a Mac.

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I generally don’t play video games. They’ve never appealed to me. But if you make a video game, Lovelocke, I know it will be interesting and I would definitely check it out.

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Sure, just to give you a review…I’m not much into games, either, but my husband is.

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I’d give it a shot. I dont mind a game thats more focused on story than the whole “blow stuff up” as you put it. As long as its good and entertaining thats all i need.

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Is it another one of those games based on stealing lawnmowers?

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…what other game is based on stealing lawnmowers, I wonder?

Anyway. Details to come then. You’ll have to pardon any visual flaws that may occur, I am the only one working on it… heh.

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@peedub: He didn’t say it was an autobiographic game! ;)

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I would at the very least look into. I generally enjoy adventure/platformers with a good storyline, or MMO’s, so it sounds right up my ally. Give it a cast that blends really well together, and sign me up. You could even pay me to test it for you!

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@johnpowell Ha!

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I personally feel that games focus too much on “story”, or at least linear, cinema-style story. Many game designers seem to feel that film is a more legitimate art form, and so try to make their games as much like movies as possible. I take issue with this for two reasons. The first is that overly focusing on story tends to detract from the actual gameplay (I submit Indigo Prophecy as a prime example of this), and the second is that games cannot beat movies at their own game (no pun intended). Movies will always be better at telling linear, cinematic stories because that is what they do. I feel that games should focus on what makes them unique – gameplay, rather than trying to be something they’re not.

A particularly annoying example of the proliferation of this sort of thinking in the industry is the ubiquitousness of cut-scenes. I can’t stand it when a game is disrupted by a cut-scene, and I am forced to stop playing to watch something that never comes close to what I would see in a movie.

I’m not arguing for a complete removal of all story in games, but the best “story-based games” I have played do not try to “tell a story”, but rather to immerse the player in a world. “Katamari Damacy”, for example, has almost no plot, but an incredibly unique world coupled with interesting and engaging gameplay. The same is true for “Shadow of the Colossus” and “Ico”.

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Noted. What the game will be is indeed a role-playing style game, though I believe in the interest of keeping it short, it will be told around a single protagonist. When you create a whole party element, it starts begging for balance and quality of character classes… a lot of doo doo to deal with.

I want one hero, that is, the player to enter the world, and provide a rich storyline for those who are interested. In other words, if a player wants to take time and observe the world, interacting with its people, a vivid picture and setting is established… however, those interested in simply progressing, playing, and beating “the game”, there will be plenty of action to be had.

Basically, those who don’t want to “live the life” but simply “play the game” can do so, although the first option will probably provide a better overall experience.

Then again, who knows. Input’s invaluable, and I’m reading through everyone’s statements :)

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sure I would play your game…why not I think it would be fun to play a video game from someone that I kind of know and I like story lines sometimes.

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