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What should she say?

Asked by deannaa (30points) August 14th, 2008

im making my friend add this guy on facebook because i think they would look so great together! the problem is she doesnt want to tell him that i was the one that told her to add him because he doesnt like me that much..
but im worried hes going to ask why did u add me and she wont know what to say..
lol so n e ideas?

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My first idea would be that you write a clearer subtext. Punctuation and sentences were invented for a reason. Say what?

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She doesn’t have to say exactly why she added him; why can’t she just say “cause you’re cool”, or because “I like your page”?

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Are there hidden meanings behind my facebook friend requests? I ususally just click “accept,” without thinking twice about why the person added me. The guy probably won’t even ask.

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“A mutual aquaintence(sp?) suggested it.”

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Why are you making your friend do this? Personally, I think love lives should be kept the business of those they pertain too. Second the internet is probably the least romantic thing ever; if a sincere interest is to really be sparked, it should occur in a legitimate social setting.

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cus i want u on top of me

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if she cant lie to a guy by now, then i see no hope for this girl

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if the girl is hot enough she could say cus i want u hardcore and they guy “shouldn’t” say no

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Can someone create Fluther Junior?

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PM Richardhenry—he’s thinking about Fluther Kids or some such.

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tell her she should say that she’s scene him around before even if she hasn’t and she thought it would be cool if she like got to know him or if she dosent know him be like my friend was telling me about you and you sounded like a nice guy to hang out with andget to know better

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the reason for the dumb responses is this is a dumb question. just friend request the person and say, yeah ur cool and it suggested u in the mutual friends box. wow is it that tough

and while my responses may have been immature, most guys know that is true. sad, but true

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