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Have you ever felt anxious about giving a gift?

Asked by longgone (19451points) December 19th, 2017

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been pretty anxious about picking gifts. I enjoy it, but I’m often worried – to the point where I’ve secretly left gifts for the recipient to find later, as a surprise present.

I’ve been wondering why I feel that way, and I’m curious whether anybody else does.

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Yes, but I figured out why, and eliminated the nasty people from my gift-giving list. My mother and one of my sisters were always critical of gifts I gave them, and were sarcastic and mocking about choices I made. It took me a while to realize that everyone else was delighted and they were just jerks. I no longer have anything to do with either of them, which has improved my state of mind, especially at the holidays, dramatically.

Have a lovely holiday season as a newlywed, @longgone, and let the secret gifts become a beloved tradition instead of an indicator of angst. <3

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Yeah, I always feel like it’s gonna be too big or too small or somehow inappropriate

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This: expresses it well.

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No. I certainly try to think up gifts that are suitable for the occasion.

But the fact is, the recipient’s only other alternative is no gift at all.

Unless the gift is insulting to reasonable sensibilities, it’s a bonus.

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Depends on how much thought and effort I put into it.

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