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What's the difference between a Tablet PC and Laptop?

Asked by seVen (3472points) August 14th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there any besides one you can flip the LCD screen and write with a special stylus pen?

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nope, because it’s essentially the same, only a tablet pc has a tablet built into a laptop…

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Usually the tablets are laptops with keyboards and swivel displays that rotate 180 degrees and fold down to resemble a pad of paper; the displays are touch sensitive, as compared to non-touch displays of conventional lappies.

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I would never put them up there with ‘tablets’ though. To me, to be a tablet, it must be capable of pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity. Otherwise its useless to me.

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exactly, you ordered a 12” Cintiq from wacom from us right del. ?

oh man, i’d love have one really

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No, but I do have 9X12 Intuos from Wacom. I’d just about KILL for a cintiq.

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well, how about i send you an envelope with pictures, daily routine and a 9mm ? i’ll call you when the kill is confirmed..

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Cintiq first, murder later.

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wonder how fast it’ll ship, i want him dead while he’s still in office… he he he

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