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Does anyone else remember silver Christmas trees?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (11454points) December 24th, 2017

They were all the rage, maybe back during the early-1960s.

The trees were entirely silver, much like this: They had ornaments but no lights; they were illuminated by this sort of device:

This look was very chic during those Mod times. Do you recall it? If yes, please share.

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Grammy had one.
I chewed her out for going commercial. I was like eight-ish.

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Yes, I remember although we never indulged in the trend. What I miss the most from my Christmas tree is tinsel, which I had to eschew after my cat swallowed some one year.

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Christmas 1961, we visited my grandparents, and my parent bought them one “to make their retirement easy”. And they also got a little color wheel to shine on it.

Al was good until the small hours of Christmas morning, my parents were on a fold out couch next to the tree. A cat jumped on the tree in the dark, the whole thing came crashing down on my parents. They did their best to quietly put it back together, but in th morning the branches were all mixed up, longest at the top and at odd angles.

That is how family legends are born….

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We had one. I thought it was so cool! One year the rotating colored disk melted from the light. By that time, the tree was looking a bit ragged anyway.

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I remember seeing them I always thought they were cool. Never had one though, dad always got a real tree.

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I don’t remember it happening in the 50s, but my friend had one when we were younger! I want one!!

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Oh yes! They are still very popular in my neck of the woods. A few friends have vintage ones that had belonged to their parents, and you can also get them in most stores around here. The color wheels are much harder to come by.

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1957 the Barkley’s down the street. 6 footer in front window, with lights on the floor shining up into tree.

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My parents had one. I wish I had one now.

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Sure, I remember them existing, though I don’t particularly remember anyone having one, except store displays.

I hadn’t noticed if they stopped existing.

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I saw one of the trees at Walmart the other day. I haven’t seen one of the color wheels in years, though.

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My grandmother had one. She put red and green balls on it, and it came with a floodlight with revolving color panels of red and green.

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Yup. My grand ma in Oklahoma had one for years. I always liked it.

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