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Is my chicken safe to eat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16421points) December 25th, 2017

I got whole wrapped frozen chicken on December 20 and I left it in the crisper. It smells but I can’t tell what is stinking in my fridge? I’m not hungry since I caught the flu. My freezer is full.

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If it smells,i’d throw it out. You don’t want salmonella on top of the flu!

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Throw it out. The crisper is where things go to rot in a refrigerator, hidden away until too late.

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It smells? What smells? The chicken, the crisper, the fridge, or something you haven’t identified? Your description is unclear.

Take the chicken out of the fridge and see if the chicken smells funny. If it was processed correctly when it was fresh, and it was frozen when you got it on the 20th, and your fridge works properly, it’s probably ok to eat today, but give it the smell test. Also see if the stink remains in your fridge after the chicken is taken out, and see if you can tell where it is coming from if it is not coming from the chicken.

TLDR: If the chicken stinks, don’t eat it.

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@all Thanks for the advice. I tossed it in the trash with bags of smelly garbage.

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I doubt if the thing had time to thaw and spoil. It’s only been 5 days. Is it slimy to the touch? TOTALLY thawed? But you tossed it, so, what ever…

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@kritiper it was bloody and smelly. I will switch to mashed potatoes and gravy next year.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Trumpy Klaus would love your bags of smelly garbage. That’s what he is handing out this year : (

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Definitely dispose of the chicken, you have to be very meticulous with chicken storage.

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I wouldn’t chance it. Touch and smell are good tests to see if food is still good. If you’re still in doubt, throw it out. It’s not worth your health to save a few bucks.

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And don’t store the chicken in the crisper next time!

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@RedDeerGuy1 I would not take a chance. Throw it out.

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Ok next year I will cook it when I get it right away.

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