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Fluther Junior?

Asked by augustlan (47701points) August 14th, 2008

Earlier, girlofscience asked if someone could create Fluther Junior, in response to this question. What do you think of the idea?

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Yes please.

I hate having to censor myself because of someone’s age. Sometimes after I post, I think, what if that person was a kid. However, there are some very bright, articulate minors here on fluther (flyawaybaloon) and I’d hate to see them, or at least her, go.

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This question was asked once before. I still agree that age shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

I do feel like something should be done to preserve the quality of the site. I just don’t think a “Fluther Junior” would be the solution.

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i agree with tiny Not only with what she said but it could focus on youth questions to no offense to the younger Fluthers or anything though.

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@tiny: I was thinking the same thing about the talented kids that are members. I think maybe what we really mean by Fluther Junior is Fluther Stupid. Perhaps some sort of application or test should be involved in joining Fluther, or maybe a probation period, during which people can “flag” the user as incompatible with the site’s intentions. If a minor passed such a test or probation, then (in theory, anyway) they’d be deemed mature enough to participate in uncensored discussions.

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@Pete: I’m sorry for re-asking…I usually search! hanging head in shame

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I don’t care what happens, as long as no minimum age gets slapped on Fluther.

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@lefteh…we’d have to grandfather you in, no matter what!

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I appreciate that.

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No. If you join Fluther as a kid, you must understand some people will look a bit down on you because you’re a kid. If you don’t, don’t join.

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I wouldn’t see look down, yes, maybe see as maybe not as knowledgeable or even possible a pest at some times (what kid isn’t??)

But having an age limit on a discussion despite it might not work 100% (there will always be kids who tell the internet they are 18+), then they can live with disturbing realities of getting older, but hey it was their choice in the first place to lie, so they can deal with the consequences.

But again, nothing is stopping a 13 year old kid from saying he is 18 or even 20+

The real problem I see there being however, is at a younger age when you put in your age you’re wondering what all they will be censoring you from, it could be something you may be interested, I won’t say any specifics, but I’m sure we can all agree that seeing an age input would limit us.

And for someone that is new to fluther they’ll have no idea what they would be kept from.

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@lefteh I think there was an age minium when I joined did they do away with that rule?

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I would imagine that if there was a fluther junior, some of the younger members and new members would go there on their own without there having to be an age requirement. I’m sure they’d rather be somewhere that had questions that fit their interests.

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People would just lie to get on the “good” Fluther.

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I think not. Because Fluther Junior will just fill up with those kids from youtube and myspace (if they ever found it) and language, content and intelligence would just roll down hill like a giant snowball.

If a user joins an already built up community like fluther currently is they have to try and fit in, they adapt and change their ways and become more aware of when to keep their mouths shut and when not to. Most ‘kids’ who join up will ask one question and then leave after a few days because it doesn’t appeal to them. And if this doesn’t appeal to them there’s no point trying to target them because they aren’t the audience fluther is trying to appeal to.

There’s also the problem with people lying about their age just to get onto this version of fluther.

I don’t think it’s worth the time or effort or if it’s even feasible at all.

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@tinyfaery: I was actually going to say the same thing!

If we were to designate a certain age range for Fluther Junior and regular Fluther, I think that wouldn’t sit well with a few people, and flyawayxxballoon came to mind. She wouldn’t fit in with the other 14 year olds who use the site and should be using regular Fluther.

I think they best way would be this (if there were mods willing) – when a person signs up for fluther, the first question they submit gets directed to mods, and from there, it is determined if they will be placed on Fluther or Fluther Junior.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s time to let everyone know that flyaway is my daughter. Thanks for your kind comments on her behalf.

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Minimum age is legally 13. Maybe not Fluther Stupid but Fluther Spellingdoesn’tmatterfirstcrushrunonsentences.

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@august Sneaky. ;) Where has she been?

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I was wondering where she was too. You should be very proud of her, she’s a bright girl.

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She is in Color Guard camp all week, and is exhausted by the time she gets home. Last week she was at a volleyball clinic. Then she has one last free week before she starts high school.

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Another great mother/daughter team!

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I didn’t mean to be sneaky, we just decided not to announce it because it might influence other’s reactions to our questions and answers. However, after she was mentioned in this thread, it seemed like the honest thing to do. I am very proud of her, but I don’t claim credit…she was born 30 years old!

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@dragon: One day, maybe you’ll be a 3 generation team!

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Haha yeah, my little fluther baby! I have a feeling he’ll get used to seeing this site on those late nights!

I understand why you two didn’t say anything. When I first joined I didn’t want to be seen just as Scamp’s daughter. I wanted to try the site out for myself.

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A lot of you are acting like Fluther is some kind of gated community that should only be available to those of higher intellgience by your standards. It’s a fucking question and answer site. Get over yourselves.

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@Aneedle; The site, as designed by the owners, does have a defined culture and some clear guidelines

It was never designed to be a free-for-all. There are plenty of other places for that. Age range here is 13–71 and no one submits IQ scores.

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EVERYONE is an EXPERT at least in one thing
No matter size, ages, color.
we need each other to help each other
because there are many talented “kids” and many talented “adults” out there and we need to learn!
although that’d be fun.
if they would keep this fluther
make a fluther for “adults”
and a fluther for “kis”

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funny. . .
my IQ is 153 and it seems like if no person cares

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Since when did information sharing become so elitist? Kids could easily be exposed to hundreds of bad influences across the web and even on TV (reality shows) and the real world. Putting segregation on information not only shelters these kids, it’s general avoidance for the rest of the adults to properly explain or guide them.
What people fail to realize is that blocking harmful information isn’t the solution, it’s explaining to them why its wrong and what is right. Hopefully, they’ll make the right decisions.
Anyways, don’t think too much about it. Just keep on sharing, ha ha.

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@derekpaperscissors – good thoughts and welcome to Fluther

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No. It would run up costs and lead down a slippery commercial slope that has wrecked so many other sites.

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Wow, I’d completely forgotten about this question! It seems so long ago, now. :)

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Yes sounds fun!

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