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What kind of background should I use for my owl drawing?

Asked by rockfan (12970points) December 27th, 2017 from iPhone

I really like the contrast between the owl and the white paper, but I’m also thinking I could make it nighttime and have the moon over his shoulder. What do you guys think?

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Great drawing! Perhaps a bit of tree/branch and a nice full moon in the background?

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A big full moon behind the owl, causing rim lighting on the edges of the owl, while the rest of the bird lies in nigh full darkness, with its eyes glowing brightly.

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Maybe some fluorescent blood on its beak

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Something like this?

I’m afraid that when I frame it, it’ll get cut off with the borders

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If you posted a link, it didn’t show up. I would do a moon, and shade the owl to look more dark and mean then.

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Yes, That’s actually pretty much what I had in mind.

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Mid to late autumn woods.

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You really have talent! How long did it take you to draw that?

And I really like the nighttime and moon idea! You should do it

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That is a really nice and talented drawing! Are you self-taught or did you took some lessons? I think any nighttime setting would best suit it for a nocturnal animal. How about with the mountain range as a backdrop too?

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Very nice work! I would like to see a moon with foggy clouds wafting across it.

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I used another drawing as a reference, so I cheated a little bit lol. This drawing took about 2 hours. And I’m self taught, I’ve been practicing two hours a day for about a year

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Why not leave it as is?

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Excellent drawing! Looking at it as a fellow artist, I think ti could be problematic at this point to try to go in with a dark background next to the greys and darks although I like the idea of a shadowy moon. My art teacher always tells me not to leave the background til the end but to start working on it early so you don’t get stuck.

If you do go for a dark background, how will you fill it in? Soft pencil shading? Cross-hatching? It does seem somewhat incomplete but I’d be inclined to do another and work the background in while doing the foreground. However, you can always experiment with what you have. (Another thing my art teacher says is, “You must kill your babies.”)

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I was thinking of shading very lightly in the background and then using a stump to blend it in

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Worth a try.

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Best to experiment with backgrounds and see what you like. I like the drawing the way it is, plain.

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Ended up doing some slight shading around the owl. Going to buy a matt tomorrow, so it’ll be evenly centered. I’m giving this to a friend of mine (who really loves owls) as a late Christmas present, really hope she likes it.

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Looks great!

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That’s a really good Christmas present and an awesome drawing! Good job!

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