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What are courses I can do after completing my class 12th so that I can get job?

Asked by rashiSingh (4points) December 28th, 2017

I want to know what are the courses I can join short-term or long-term

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Totally depends on what kind of a job you’re interested in.
In my opinion if you are trying to cover all fields than getting your first aid ticket is a great start,employers love that, other than that I think it would still depend on the job you’re interested in.

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RashiSingh means Indian. Being myself an indian, I would request you to not to think of Engineering. It is flooded and saturated. If you want a quality job then go for unconventional courses. Be specialized in a field. A person who practice 1 type of kick 10000 times is more dangerous than a person who practice 10000 types of kick for once.

Explore your passion. Know the field that excites you. The field where you can work because you get thrill to solve the issues regarding that work field. Not for the pay-cheques. Not for the salary. Not for the money.

E.g. You like buildings? Go for civil engineering but I guarantee that You won’t get job. Specialize yourself in Dams, Strength of dams, Weaknesses of bad designs of Dams and you will get a job.
You like medical line.. go for the specialization rather than just Bachelors.
You like aeroplanes.. try to become fighter jet pilot.

Courses are many.. I suggest to narrow down your question and target the field first then ask which are the courses in that particular field.

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