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When you fantasize is it about someone you know or a stranger? (possibly NSFW)

Asked by rojo (24179points) December 29th, 2017

Happy upcoming new year to all.

In your sexual fantasies are they usually about your significant other, a previous partner, a friend or acquaintance, a stranger, someone famous, someone or something else?

Do they involve things you have done in the past, can anticipate doing, would like to do if you got the opportunity, would never consider doing in real life?

Are the settings known (your bedroom, living room, etc), known but not yours (your neighbors, elsewhere in the community), somewhere you have been to or been on (vacations, ships, airplanes, etc), seen on tv or movies, imagined?

Do you share them with your partner or keep them to yourself?

Do you repeat fantasies more regularly than you come up with new ones? How often do they change?

Are your fantasies more involved with people or actions or things?

How often do you fantasize? Daily? Weekly? Couple of times a year? Hourly?

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All over the place. Sometimes from someone I saw in a store who looked good. or who smiled at me.

Anyone, anywhere is fair game for my internal fantasies. Whether she likes it or not.

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It depends on just how hot that someone is.

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Neither. It is either a tentacle pit, or a slime.

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I really don’t have fantasies of a sexual nature. Mine are more goofy. I sometimes daydream about being a naval hero in the Age of Sail like Horatio Hornblower. “Beat to Quarters and run up the Blue Ensign!” I always wanted to say that lol. Or fantasies about being an explorer looking for King Solomons Mines. Just crazy stuff. Guess I saw too many movies when I was coming up.I always wanted to be an entertainer like Dean Martin as well. A great entertainer who never took himself too seriously but tried hard to give his fans what he thought they wanted. As the sailor once said, Aint that a hole in the boat? Yeah I’m nuts. Lol

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To answer your questions:
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no.
No, often.
People, regularly.

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These days, there are no fantasies for me.
When there were fantasies, it was more people oriented. I’m not big on gadgetry.
I once had a man who worked where I did, though not with me approach me, and admitted to me that though he loved his wife, he sometimes thought of me while he was with her. I said, “Don’t tell her.”
I had another man tell me he fantasized about me a lot, and was that okay with me. I said, “As long as I’m good, okay, but if you dream me sloppy I’ll be mad.”
I never did the thing of thinking of someone else.
More than fantasies, I have wondered things, like I wonder if some guy has the stamina he seems he would, or is so and so lazy, and always has his partner do all the work.
Angus Young, I always supposed, could just about kill a woman.
Sorting, yeah, that’s me. I guess I’m sorting. This guy probably sweats like crazy without good reason, that guy is a biter, that guy’s wife MUST be in it just for the financial security.
I suppose my current lack of interest is responsible for my loss of gaydar.
If I got healthy again, I suppose my fantasies would involve mentoring age twenty something virgin men.
@rebbel, most of your answer sounds like most of my past actual experiences… yes yes yes yes! LOL

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I’ve realized that I haven’t fantasized for ages. Not good! They say it grows cobwebs and falls off if you don’t. So I’ll get back to you!

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