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I'm an older woman, and I love The Golden Girls?

Asked by Kar (278points) August 14th, 2008

which one are you? Who do you relate to? I hate to admit it, but I think I’m most like Rose, though when I was younger, I was more like Blanche(?).

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My gf loves watching the Golden Girls in the morning. I don’t know that she identifies with any of one of them, but likes the ethos of the show.

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If I were a girl, I’d definitely be Rose!

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I’m absolutely a Dorothy. I always liked Rose the best, though. Betty White is awesome.

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I lived with other gay men in my twenties, and this was always a topic of discussion. I was always identified as a “Dorothy” but I think it was because of my strong personality and ability to keep things on track. The biggest insult was to be a Sophia. Old age is a gay insult. :)

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My favourite insult to a gay friend is to say, “You’re two years older than water.”

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What is it with gay men and the Golden Girls? I always watched that show when it was on. I guess I’m a Dorothy—a smart ass.

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@tiny: I’ve known two scriptwriters for the show who were gay so, by extrapolation, all Golden Girls scriptwriters are gay. :)

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Most gay men I have ever met have loved the Golden Girls? I just can’t seem to figure why?

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For my best friend (drag queen) and myself, our love of the Golden Girls has to do with the belief that whatever relathionships you endure (and Lord knows we go through a lot of ‘em) there is something comforting about thinking you can grow old with friends. Gay culture (in media) isn’t set up to show how lovers grow old together, so we gravitate to examples of how (essentially) single, childless seniors do. That’s my opinion.

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Kar – I’m Dorothy…however, I have some Rose tendencies…like I can’t remember anything!

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I never really cared for the show, but if I know I identified with the character played by Maude (wow…I can’t think of her GG name or her real name!). Tough. Tender. Smart.

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I’m Gordon Shumway, I was there, being from Melmac and eating cats.

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The Golden Girls is probably one of my favorite shows ever… and I’m definitely Dorothy.

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@sue: Bea Arthur

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I used to watch The Golden Girls all the time. I always identified with Dorothy the most, because she seemed the one who got infuriated the easiest and disgusted with Rose’s airheadedness and Blanche’s veinness and promiscuity. Sophia was the most hilarious though!

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I loved that show.We don’t get it here anymore though. I think I identify most with Dorothy.

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