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Whose life would you like to experience for a day?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) December 29th, 2017

He / she can be from past / present. Don’t tell me he’s already dead! Imagine if you had a chance to live as someone for a day on this earth whom would it be and why?

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pampered house cat

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Neil Tyson would like to know everything for a bit.

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Hate to say it, but Donald Trump.

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^really ? Why?

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Richard Branson so I can stay on Necker Island.

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I’d be interested in living Trump’s life on a psychological level, not a personal one. If I could live a persons life that I actually admire, it would be Steven Spielberg

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If someone’s willing to take Trump, they could probably do/say a lot of world-changing things if they were creative. Release taxes, spill whatever beans need spilling, donate as much of his money and property as possible to charity, air all known dirty laundry on all known dirty folks and dirty deals, confess to blatant idiocy, self-interest, lies and abuses, fire all of his idiot cabinet appointees, just for starters…

Are you allowed to take a billionaire and incidentally make a gift to the person you’ll be returning to?

Like @ragingloli, I’ve always wanted to be a pampered house cat, though.

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Victoria Beckham. She seems to be one of the few rich celebrities that has a happy marriage after many years while both her and her husband have busy successful careers. I would like to see how they manage to do it.

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My husband. What could be more supportive than to see what he goes through in a day? Of course see what it’s like to live with me could be scary.

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Priscilla Presley. Why? You can’t figure that one out? I want to ride horses with Elvis, be presented with that rock of a ring, hang out with friends, be totally gorgeous, not have to cook or clean and feel my future is assured.

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I choose an ordinary person. A man that simply has nothing to do aside from go to work and come home. What is this life like where no one needs anything from you and no one expects anything from you.

I want to try out that guy.

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