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Trump will be attending the College Football Championship game here in Atlanta next week. Does he (and staff and secret service) pay for tickets?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30582points) January 4th, 2018

We Atlantans were thrilled to learn that downtown will be even more messed up than usual because the President has decided to attend the UGA-Alabama game next week.

The president and his wife will be here, along with a senator (maybe two), various other politicians, friends, and a raft of Secret Service and other folks.

Do they pay for their tickets? I can see Trump getting in gratis – what about everyone else?

[Note: the latest word is that the cheapest tickets on Stubhub are around $2500.]

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And, if I may add to your question, will they walk out if one or more of the players takes a knee?

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@chyna – great question. This is college. I doubt the players would take a knee, because they’re all looking for NFL jobs in the future,

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Only a small percentage of the players will make it to the NFL draft and fewer still will go into coaching so potentially there are a lot who could use this forum to express their anger with institutional racism without jeopardizing their careers in football @elbanditoroso

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Just saw on the news that the players will be held in their locker rooms so they can’t take a knee with the president there.

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