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How do you tell your parents you cut your hair if one side is long and the other is short?

Asked by HELPMEPLEASE27 (7points) January 4th, 2018

I put slime on my face and it got stuck in my hair. I decided to cut it, but I cut it too short on one side. What do I do? Please help me!

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Why do you need to tell your parents? Are you scared of their reaction? It is not the end of the world.

You may need a haircut from a professional to make things look a bit more styled, but other than that, this happens all the time. People get stuff in their hair and have to cut it. The worst thing is probably some teasing.

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Cut the long side to match the short side.

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How terrible are your parents?

I had very kind understanding non-violent non-abusive parents, and I still worried GREATLY that they would find out when I had done something that I thought was AWFUL, and the actual reaction was at worst that they were confused why I did something, and made sure I understood that it wasn’t a good thing to do.

I got gum in my hair, slime on things, lost my shoe in a mud swamp, and much worse. I sometimes was afraid what their reaction would be. But they were my parents. They loved me. They’d seen all sorts of things from me and others and done things themselves. There was actually no real reason for them to be mad about it. They just helped me handle it.

Now, there are other parents who sometimes can be really unpleasant and jerkish about things, and everyone is different, but it seems to me that the jerkish ones I know were sort of mostly jerkish, whether there was a decent reason for it or not.

But in any case, it seems like there are probably few things to do about this except tell them what you did, that you know it wasn’t a great thing to do, and ask for help.

How do you do that? You just tell them. (You’re probably only making yourself upset & confused by worrying about it.) Then it’ll all be over soon enough, except possibly for the funny story about the time you got slime in your hair and tried to cut it yourself. :-)

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Won’t they see it for themselves?

You might just want to speak up and say, “I tried to fix a mistake, and I made it worse. Could you please help me out with a visit to Supercuts?”

I’m guessing your parents have made a mistake or two in their own lives.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Do you know the old joke about “What’s the difference between a bad haircut and a good one?” If you don’t know it, then I won’t give it away here just yet.

It’s a good joke – once you get it – to help you come to the realization which will make your life so much better when you do, that “this, too, shall pass.”

Tell your folks about what has happened, without crying or being dramatic, if possible, and ask for their advice about how to fix it, because you don’t want to look silly. (Or you could change your mind about that, decide that you REALLY DO want to look silly, and make it even more flamboyantly bad.)

All opinion is just consideration, anyway. You can change your considerations about how your hair looks if you want to.

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Don’t tell them. It’s not like they’ll notice on their own or anything.

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@HELPMEPLEASE27 If you live at home with your parents I do not think you need to tell them.
And what would be the worst reaction they might give you? You might be pleasantly surprised by an offer to see a stylist who can minimize the “damage”. I think the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is about two weeks.

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