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What would be appropriate to give to my nephew, who has obtained a Doctorate in chemical and biological engineering?

Asked by Divalicious (2170points) August 15th, 2008

I may not be able to attend the party, but I feel the need to recognize his accomplishment. A card and 20 bucks isn’t going to do… lol.

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A card and this shirt might

It’s a shirt on Think Geek showing the caffeine molecule (very nerdy and appropriate for a biological engineer who just might be a “user”.

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While we’re on the topic of shirts, This is one of my favorites, and might just work depending on your nephew’s sense of humor.

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Nice one Hobbes!

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Something that will not make him feel as a library nerd… like a parfum, or a very nice tie+shirt

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Honestly, I really believe that cash is King. With a nice letter or note, it would be appreciated. Even a small gift, like a book on how to write professional letters/memos for techies or something—- with CASH.

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An engraved iPod?

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anything that will help release stress – something like a vibrating/massaging chair back, he will probably need these things as he is going to be flying high

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