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Where to find a cheap Solidworks program?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (684points) January 5th, 2018

I am looking to do some freelance work and need a solidworks license. Any idea where I could find one for cheaper then the $3K+ it costs at a reseller?


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You can’t; the license is through Solidworks! The license is forever but costs $4000 and $1300 a year for updates and maintenance.

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If you join an FRC Robotics team you can get the student version for free:

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@RocketGuy EXCEPT :

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Software

With SOLIDWORKS skills, students have a clear advantage in engineering and industrial design job markets. The easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Student Edition lets students sharpen their skills outside the classroom as they learn to design better products.

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition is available to high school, homeschooled and degree-seeking students (who can confirm enrollment in a degree-granting program or full-time enrollment in a certificate-granting program) or full-time faculty members using the software for personal learning or academic purposes.
Commercial and institutional use is prohibited.
The OP wants to make money (definition of commercial) ! If they find out the OP could be banned forever using Solidworks.

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True – If he is learning to use it, that would be educational. Obviously, if he wants to design stuff at home and sell it, then that would be commercial.

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There is other 3D CAD software, most of which is a lot cheaper, and some is free. I use Viacad, which is about $50. Some people like SketchUp, which is available online for free.

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