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What is the common thread between a car and other things you have to activate just to avoid a problem?

Asked by flo (11140points) January 5th, 2018

You have to activate your car often (esp. when it’s very cold) even you don’t need to drive it anywhere So, what else do you have to activate? What tells you you should activate something, otherwise you’ll have a problem with it? Or is it only a car?

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Cold is the common thread? I mean, you have to keep your house activated too, or your pipes will freeze. You have to keep yourself activated too.

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Well you need to use a bubble jet printer at least once a month or the jets will dry up.
And you only need to start a car every so often in the cold to keep the battery up, you could just plug the vehicle in and you wouldn’t even have to do that.
I don’t know if activate is the term to use here, as @Dutchess_III pointed out about keeping pipes from freezing, but if you drain the plumbing and put RV antifreeze down the lines to prevent pipes breaking that is all you have to do in cases of RV’s or vacation homes .

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The common thread is moving parts.

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Your body.

I think it’s both moving parts, fluids, and (or simply just—> ) decay without use.

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Ball point pens – the ball freezes up.
Markers – some dry out
Pellet guns – the seals take a set and leak

Could the common thread be oxidation?

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Is the thread “maintenance” things require a certain amount of maintenance or in the long run can fail costing you money?

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Very interesting. Is it a flaw though?

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No. It’s simple science, @flo. Cause & Effect.

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