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What is the etiquette for this gift giving scenario?

Asked by rockfan (9145points) January 6th, 2018 from iPhone

I’m having lunch with friends tomorrow and plan on giving a late Christmas gift to one particular person, a framed drawing I did of an owl. I want everyone to see her reaction of getting the personalized gift, but I’m also afraid it might be awkward that she’s the only one getting a present. So maybe I should give it to her before or after the lunch? Your thoughts?

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I would just say to her, and to them all, “I know this wasn’t meant to be a gift giving situation, but I saw/made this drawing for Amy and I just had to give it to her. I hope you like it Amy.” Then just smile.

I don’t think that would hurt anybody’s feelings or make them feel awkward. Otherwise, if you really do feel like someone’s feelings will be hurt (but you still want Amy to open the gift in front of everyone) then pick another date in the near future where most of these folks will all be gathered, but not necessarily on a “Christmas Gathering” scenario.

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I would only give it to her in private. What’s in it for her, the recipient, to have to have a public reaction? That just sounds like it’s more for your gratification and could make it awkward for everyone else.

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I would either give her the gift privately or have little token gifts for everyone else who was going to be there.

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If I were the recipient, I think I would feel awkward at being singled out on a group occasion like that. It would be even more awkward if I didn’t totally love the item but were obviously expected to admire it in front of others.

If I were the artist, I would think the whole thing was a little too risky for my comfort. But I tend to be pretty cautious in social matters, so my opinion may have no relevance for you.

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Depends on how close your group of friends is..If you’re say sort of best buddies who know each other very well and aware that she’s the only one who hasn’t got gift ( which others have already got I’m assuming) that shouldn’t be a problem. If that’s not the cae then it might be a problem as listed in responses above.

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