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Has the negativity of current discourse affected your romantic life?

Asked by Zissou (2414points) January 7th, 2018

Here in the US, cultural fissures seem to be widening. It seems like there is increasing hostility between people of different political factions, races, and genders. Is this making it harder for people to form and maintain intimate relationships? What has your experience been?

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Well, I’ve been in a solid relationship throughout, and even if I’d been looking before, I wouldn’t have wanted a romantic relationship with someone with views I abhor, anyway.

The 2016 primary was a slight issue because of the people who weren’t as avid Sanders fans as I was.

Now there is pretty much all agreement with most of the people I know and care to get along with, so no, there’s no problem here.

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Nope, but I’ve been with the same woman for 14 years now, so I’m not really forming new romantic relationships.

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It’s not affected me this way in the slightest.

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No – as others have said,my political beliefs are infused by my core values, so I would not have chosen someone who had a major disagreement with them. I did have issues with some friends who felt that Clinton would be worse as president than Trump and would only support Sanders or Stein but that did not affect my love-life.

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Nope. Women are just as difficult as always…

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No problems here but in all fairness my opportunities to screw up are few.

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Thanks all. Maybe I just need to spend less time online.

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^Maybe just less time on social media. Except for Fluther, of course…

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I’d been with my boyfriend for a few years already before I really “got political” (e.g. things got bad enough for me to start feeling a duty to actively participate in activism events).

He doesn’t disagree with me about political stuff, but he also just doesn’t feel nearly as strongly as I do, and isn’t active at all. I also suspect he may believe that I am overreacting to some degree, but he has not said anything to that effect out loud. He doesn’t really say anything at all about my activism either in support of it or against it.

For a little while at the beginning, when I was actually fearful for my own life, I was a little hurt that he didn’t seem to care about these issues. After awhile I learned to stop taking it personally.

He did say that if it came to me needing to move to another country (something I was worrying about for awhile), that he would come with me, which meant a lot to me.

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