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What do they put in my coffee?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5518points) January 8th, 2018

Just this morning, my wife told me I’m an ass until I get my morning coffee. And then I’m a “teddy bear” the rest of the day. Can coffee have that effect?

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A female friend at work told me the same thing once. Said I’m a cranky jerk before my morning coffee, after that she wanted to love me and hug me. Now I know why she slways had coffee on when I got to work. I thought she was just being nice. What do they put on that shit?

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Yep, because caffeine is addictive, and without it your brain feels cranky, out of sorts, and full of cobwebs.

Go without your coffee, and no other caffeine source, and by noon you will have a horrible headache. That is withdrawal.

(I, too, have a heavy caffeine habit.)

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^Yes. Chemical withdrawal. I had a 5hr energy addiction, about 7 years ago. Before I had some, I was in a bad mood, and very negative. Once I had a sip, anything seemed possible. My day was going to be ok, and I could overcome whatever adversity I faced.

I don’t chase the caffeine dragon anymore…

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Maybe I should stick with cola…

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@NomoreY_A Cola has caffeine too. And it has sugar!

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@zenvelo Yep! Well, you’re fortunate if your cola has sugar. Almost all non-diet cola is full of high-fructose corn syrup, which is far worse.

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I have never understood that coffee love! I never even had a coffee maker until Rick moved in. I do drink it now, because Rick makes it every morning. But it’s < a cup.

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I don’t get that rumor that corn syrup is “worse” than granulated sugar. They’re both fattening. All sugar is. Brown sugar surprised me though…

Calories per tablespoon in:

Corn syrup: 57
Granulated sugar: 47
Powdered sugar: 31
Brown sugar: 17

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I could eat me some brown sugar right out of the bag. Love that stuff!

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Oh, me too. Some times I’ll get a spoonful and just suck on it! But sometimes I eat Crisco straight from the can too. O o

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Crisco? You’re kidding right?

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I don’t do it any more, but when I was a kid I would sometimes eat a spoonful of Crisco. Guess my body said I needed more fat! Prolly did.

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@NomoreY_A I’m surprised by your question. You’ve never heard of caffeine before?

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Thought it was bs doesnt do a damn thing to me. I can drink it all day and still sleep like a baby
all night. Now energy drinks give me a ping absolutely. @janbb

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@Dutchess_III Different people have different tastes – personally, I had a good first experience with morning Cappuccino in Italy. I like what are nearly coffee-flavored milkshakes, mostly milk with some coffee, like a latte. I won’t drink it black.

As for high-fructose corn syrup, the issue is not just the calories or how fattening it is. It’s more about how it’s digested, how it impacts our organs, and what it does to our body & brain chemistry and appetites. There tend to be other chemicals in typical industrial HFC as well. Consuming too much HFC seems to many who have studied it to correlate to various serious health problems (e.g. heart disease, cancer, dementia, and liver failure).

The industrial food industry puts a lot of effort into disinformation campaigns including mailing doctors and creating misleading web sites claiming that HFC is just like sugar.

Google searches will bring up articles and books warning about HFC, and industrial propaganda saying not to worry because it’s just like sugar, only cheaper.


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