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For the past two days I've had a fever of 100.5. Today my temperature suddenly dropped to 98.0 but I still have cold symptoms. What does this temperature drop mean?

Asked by annabella (4points) August 15th, 2008
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it means your fever broke (got the highest it was going to get) and your getting better… just have the rest of the cold to deal with….

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Most fevers are the body’s natural way to fight and destroy viruses. In fact, children and adults who take nothing to reduce fever will generally get better 3 days sooner than those who do reduce the fever. When the fever breaks, it’s an indication that the body has gotten rid of the viruses and no longer has to fight. Other symptoms won’t leave so quickly. They are just residual symptoms and will start to go away once the virus is over. It means you’re on the mend and will likely be feeling much better within a few days.

Sorry you were sick. Feel better soon.

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Is this a serious question? You are getting better.

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