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Sponge, brush or washcloth to wash dishes?

Asked by AshlynM (10095points) January 9th, 2018

Which one do you use and have you found one is better than the other?

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Scrubber, usually plastic, sometimes metal and then into the dishwasher.
We do have a wash cloth and it does get some use but usually just wiping down cabinets and sinks. No sponges for dishes or cabinets. My wife read something that put her off them.

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Sponge with hard and soft sides works for me. For tough stains those brillo pads come in handy. I also contemplate about life while doing the dishes.

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Brush. Does a better job on baked on food.

Sponges tend to fall apart after a day or two.

Scrubbers unravel.

Washcloths don’t have enough abrasive

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Wash rag. They dry faster and don’t promote as much bacterial growth like sponges. A brush may miss minute food debris. Brushes are fine to scrub the heavy stuff but I finish up with the rag. (Wash cloths or for bathing, washing your face, etc..) I keep an old tooth brush by the kitchen sink, too.

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Washcloth usually but I prefer abrasive sponges.

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@KNOWITALL – when you wrote above about “Abrasive sponges” the first thing I thought of was my ex brother-in-law.

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@elbanditoroso Funny, I have two of those abrasive sponges myself…lol

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Wash cloth. Then I launder them and re-use them. Seems cleaner somehow.
Same with all surfaces. I don’t use paper towels or sponges.

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I use a small sponge with a hard and a soft side. I sometimes use a steel wool pad on my pots.

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I use my hand.

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