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Can a girl be ovulating 8 days before her period, if she has a 28 day cycle?

Asked by Anonymous05 (185points) January 10th, 2018 from iPhone

So women who have a 28 day cycle usually ovulate around day 12–14.
Can they be ovulating 8 days before their period?

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Absolutely yes.
People who try to outsmart ovulation are called Parents.

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Honestly, most periods are pretty irregular. You may think you got it all scheduled out and everything then BOOM! it gets all weird. Because your eating/sleeping schedule can mess it up. If you’re too stressed that can mess it up. Lots of things can throw it off.
SOOO (There’s a point to this) Getting you’re period a bit late is normal, or early, and if your ovulating 8 days before it could mean it’s early. (or maybe late) I think it’s recommended that girls mark every day they get their period, so they can try and expect it. But for some people it’s so irregular and weird that’s impossible

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or this could only just apply to me I hope it doesnt

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@Anonymous05 There any number of variables which can and do occur with women’s cycles.Nothing is chippd in stone.

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@filmfann got it in one.

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To agree with @filmfann, with slightly different wording…
If women’s cycles were absolute, and predictable to a fault, the world population would not be one tenth of its current status.

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The rhythm method works perfectly, except when it doesn’t. It is not a reliable form of birth control : (

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