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What do you do when you have more than one company showing interest in you?

Asked by VirgoGirl826 (378points) January 10th, 2018

Last week I emailed my resume and portfolio to 3 different design firms and left a message for a 4th, since I’m seeking a summer internship. On Monday I was contacted by one of the companies wanting to know how many hrs. I needed, when I could start, etc.; I have an interview with them on Tuesday.
But now I just got an email from the 4th company I reached out to, wanting to know if I could send them a resume. Do I still send it to them although I’ve already got an interview?

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Always send out the feelers. What’s the best that can happen? The first interview is the best ever and it is just the job you want. If that happens, you tell the rest you appreciate their interest in you but you have already accepted a position. On the other hand, let’s say you don’t send the resume and then the interview goes horribly, horribly wrong. Now you don’t have the job that interviewed you and you blew off the other one. Not a good situation. Always keep as many options open as you can.

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This is business, not a dating relationship. Never stop promoting yourself – within the bounds of reason, ethics and good taste. One of your most important jobs when you get a job is looking for your next job. (And another important job is training your replacement, so that you can be promoted in the one that you already have.)

Congratulations and good luck in your career.

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Neither of these companies have made any commitment to you except for an interview. And the second just wants your resume, so they are not even as interested as the first.

So keep communicating with both and with the other two also if you have the opportunity. Never say goodbye to anyone until you are actually working.

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In the industry I work in, you always are looking for a step up, so always act like each interaction could be your new job. From what I’ve seen, until they make you an offer, it’s all just talk. And usually they all sound great until you actually get the monetary offer. Seems to me they try to rope you in with grandiose promises so by the time the offer is made you are already saying yes. Don’t fall for it because thats when a low ball offer comes & negotiations actually start. You’ll probably hear how ‘great’ you are & how you’re in the top Three but they can only offer ~ blank~ amount right now but a promise of raise or promotion is implied but not in a contract. I’m a little jaded but thats the game in my area.

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Until you actually have a signed contract… send your CV to the other company.

Job searching can be a very fickle process. A company can make you feel like you have a job and then back out of the process at the last minute. There are many people involved in the hiring process. The people that interview you might like you but then the Director might change his mind about hiring more people and put a stop to everything. Also because they like you/interested in you does not mean you are the only one they like/interested in. Many HR staff are trained to be positive and enthusiastic. Do not read too much into the way they treat you. It is often strictly business.

Never be over confident in a job search until you actually have a signed contract.

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