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What is a “pod”?

Asked by RyanS123 (52points) January 10th, 2018 from iPhone

I’ve been hearing a lot about these things called “pods” on social media. Someone in my school posted a picture of a green piece of plastic with a black cap with the caption: “When you find a pod on the floor”. Another girl posted on her finsta “...I’m sick of people using me for pods…” I looked them up on Google on the only things that came up were the PODS moving company and edible Tide Pods. I was wondering if anyone on Fluther knows what I’m talking about.

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I was thinking Tide laundry detergent “pods” but they are definitely not edible!

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The new fad is challening teens to eat pods, they are Tide pods & toxic. I just posted it on my fb today actually. Tell your friends they are NOT edible.

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@KNOWITALL Omg! Are people really that stupid? I find this really disturbing.

Where did you hear about this phenomenon? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Yikes!

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^Here’s the link

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@Kardamom Nothing surprises me anymore, I live in meth head central lol

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Teenagers are retards and eating tide pods

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@RyanS123 My first thought was the personal on demand storage. Don’t know of other reference.

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If you check urban dictionary, there are a few unsavory meanings for pod.
Pretty much all NSFW.

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@imrainmaker – I almost barfed watching the video on your link! Kids are stupid!

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