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Do you think it’s unusual for someone to understand complex and abstract philosophical ideas but still have a learning disability in math?

Asked by rockfan (9145points) January 11th, 2018 from iPhone

Your thoughts?

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Math is built on logic and on itself. Most students fail at math when they fall behind and try to do math without the more fundimental math. Then most give up. Also the Matrix was alluding to losing whole crops of humans could also be similar to how whole classes of students fail at math, because the class was too perfect. No unknowns for fun answers are in the back of the textbook

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Maybe Philosophy is not all that deep in the first place.

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Different parts of the brain. Different skill sets. Very much normal to be strong on an abstract and weaker on a logic. Just like some people are good at history or english class but bad at math, or vice versa.

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No I’m bad at math. I got the lowest grade to still pass and complete high school. While my highest GPA came from philosophy classes In university.

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If you’re asking if it’s possible, yes, just listen to all the well known people talk about how they wanted to go into x or y or z (math or science related careers) and they couldn’t. As to why I don’t know. The same goes for mechanics or other fields.

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Did you have a traumatic head injury by chance? I did & blame my lack of math skills, hand eye coordination & my lack of dance moves on that. haha I’m amazing at languages, a speed reader, etc..

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Oops I mean yes. My grade 12 pure math grade was 50% and my philosophy grade was 7 , and 6 out of 9. My highest marks in university.

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Well, apparently Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t very good at math, if I can believe the Isaacson biography. But then, Leonardo wasn’t the usual anything.

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I have a learning disability in Math (dyscalculia) that has haunted me all my school years—but have a B.S. in English and Journalism, and a Masters in Philosophy and Theology (there was some overlap)

I did have quite a difficulty with languages, however. Some people with Math learning disabilities struggle with languages and/or organization , although they probably speak their own language proficiently and with precision. In College, I had to write two cultural dissertations en lieu of the language requirement—one was about Norumbega! The other was on West Norden. (Foreign language disability and math disability are interrelated somehow) Math disability does not effect one’s overall intelligence or ability to reason. Intelligence does matter, however.

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As a matter of fact, yes. Completely forgot about it, but now I remember that I had 3 concussions in a span of two years when I was a kid.

I also have difficulty learning and memorizing rules for medium difficulty board games.

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Rare, but I actually agree with loli.

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I mean, you can wax all your life about the nature of reality, higher planes of existence, human souls and all that jazz, but at the end of the day, you are not one of the guys landing a spaceprobe on a speeding comet after travelling over 6 billion km and several gravity assist slingshot manoeuvers.

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@rockfan Something to consider, in a case with brain injury odd things happen. With my propensity for languages, I should have been good with maths, too, according to this thread.

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If we divide subjects according to whether they require language or math skills, philosophy would probably be more in t he language category. It is not unusual for someone to be good in either math or languages but not in the other. It is not clear to me why this should be possible. Language skill requires reasoning ability and the symbols of math form a kind of language.

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Woops. I read the q wrong. I absolutely “do not” think it’s unusual.

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