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Why do you support the Iraq war?

Asked by thisismyusername (2940points) January 11th, 2018

It appears that there is a laundering of many of the people that supported and voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq.

Now that we’re nearly 15 years from this event, could you explain why you support the actions and those that voted for it?

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The only exception is that it allowed the usa to dip into entitlement savings in the budget deficit spending. War is a horrible thing.

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The decision to invade Iraq will go down as one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history.

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I did not support the Iraq War. Next question please.

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Now that we know the reasons for the war were bogus I don’t think there can be many who think the war was a good idea. For Iraq and Iraqis it has been and is a catastrophe.

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For 14 years I have moaned incessantly that the decision to invade Iraq is the single greatest strategic blunder in the history of the United States.

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I would argue that the war got a black man elected.

We need another war!

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I felt the invasion of Iraq was wrong from the start. The reasons Bush gave made no sense. Saddam had weapons of mass destruction! He is a tyrant! Well then why didn’t we invade N. Korea or Pakistan or any of a dozen other nations? It was all about oil.

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I’ve never supported any war.

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To those that didn’t support the invasion – what are your thoughts on those that are responsible (Bush and those that authorized the invasion)?

People running for office were called out on it as recently as 2008. Is this no longer a concern?

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I think they are smart enough to know their support of the war pretty much killed any future political ambitions. I’m talking Cheney, Rice, and Powell. Congress people that voted yes are pretty much immune since nobody cares who they voted for. R or D is all they care about.

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I felt it was a douchey thing to do. They had a technical reason for invading, but really, if you go to war on a technicality, you are in the wrong space. By the way, the technical reason is only partially the WMDs. There were UN sanctions that stated Iraq was supposed to let in the inspectors and allow them to look where they wanted. That was not done by Saddam Hussein. So technically, they had violated a UN directive and it was involving potential WMDs. But just like Obama lied about Obamacare or Benghazi, Bush lied about Iraq. We didn’t go there to look for WMDs, we went there to overthrow Hussein for oil.

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