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Is constant irritability a sign of depression?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) January 12th, 2018 from iPhone

Depression runs in my family.

I’m usually such a happy person, always smiling and laughing. These last few weeks though it feels as if something snapped off in my brain.

I am constantly irritable. I’ve probably picked a fight with my mom more these last few weeks than I ever have in my entire life. I never have motivation to do anything, which is weird because I’m usually a super motivated/goal oriented person. I’ve been sleeping in late, literally cannot get up for my alarm. I just feel stuck and so alone. I’ve destroyed my relationship with my mom.

I haven’t gone through some traumatic life event or anything, it’s all just out of no where.

I’m thinking about seeing a therapist. I found one just need to set up an appointment. But since depression runs in my family, should I see a psychiatrist instead?

Thanks for the help

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It certainly sounds to my (untrained) ears that you could be depressed. Are you in a place where it’s dark and gloomy in the winter? This could have been triggered by the seasons (seasonal affective disorder or SAD). I think a therapist appointment is a great first step. The therapist can advise whether you should seek a psychiatrists’s opinion.

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Start with a therapist. They’ll refer you to a psychiatrist if warranted. Go in and tell him/her what you’re telling us. It’s also possible that something has changed for you medically or hormonally and a GP may be the person to see. But I would start with a therapist in any case. It could likely be depression but a therapist can help you unpack that.

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It could also be a symptom of poor sleep

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@Sunshinegirl11 I just read your post again and one thing jumped out at me.

I’ve destroyed my relationship with my mom

Trust me on this. It is almost impossible for a kid to destroy their relationship with their Mom and two weeks of being cranky will not do it. When and if you can tell you how you’ve been feeling but just concentrate on yourself for now. Your Mom will still be there..

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Sunshine, seek out a first visit with psychiatrist, he/she can advise medication inside of 15 minutes and your speaking exactly to your statement here. It is a fairly standard diagnosis. A lot of us been there done that, EXact. If youre not opposed to meds that in my case worked purrrrfect 26+ years. The status between you and mom was super tedious as well, my German mom. Your heart should tell you how it should be, sometimes the other person, like my mom was a different person in public versus home. 2011 I DID do EXactly Hospice wishes brought her home, she flew with angels.

Prayer can also calm so your attempt to FIX it, happens, knowing and able to verbalize is a key. Perfect thank you for allowing my humble opinion.

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@Sunshinegirl11 IMHO you may be depressed. I’d seek a reputable psychiatrist. And depression can run in families.

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