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Do you or anyone you know personally own a Sleep Number bed?

Asked by chyna (42427points) January 12th, 2018

If so, can you tell me what you think of it?

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Me! Me! I have one! I’ve had mine for over ten years and I really like it. I went for the cheap one and put it on a platform from Ikea.
I like that I can adjust the firmness depending on my needs. It never sags. Sometimes, if my back is a little wonky, I need it firmer, so I put a cheap foam pad on it (softer on my arthritic joints).
But really, the adjustable firmness and the never-sag aspect are what still appeal to me.

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I’ve had one for about eight years or so, and I like it very much. I got mine somewhat off price because it was a store demo, and for that reason it seems to have absorbed some wear that causes one side to leak air – slowly. So over the course of a week, and especially in cooler temperatures when the air is more likely to be denser, anyway, it will lose firmness if I don’t check and refill it.

But that’s no problem, as I simply reset to “my number” every evening when I sleep on that side (it’s a king size mattress, so I alternate sides, generally from month to month), and it’s not an issue. It’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. (And even if it goes to a ‘zero’ value, it only takes a couple of minutes to get it back to ‘my number’. It never leaks ‘flat’, just ‘too soft for my liking’.) It’s not bothersome enough to even complain about.

If I were going to get another – which I’ve thought about from time to time – I’d get one of the ‘bendable’ ones and the supports to go with that to enable the different angles for the bed – but that’s quite a bit more expensive, and this one is very fine for now.

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Yes, everyone loves them. I hear more from males about then than the ladies. Apparently they are the cadillac of beds haha

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We have one and also went for the cheaper model. Two-zone queen and the head raises.

I love it for all the reasons stated above. Ironically, my wife hates it — and it was her idea to get one.

Despite adjusting it numerous times, she can’t find a setting that’s comfortable and it kills her back.

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I have one. So do two of my kids, and my sister. We all love it.
My sleep number is 40.

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I slept on one in a hotel, drove me nuts because it was resetting itself all night. The controller was broken.

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@cookieman My back is the reason I want one. I have a memory foam now, and it’s awful. It has my body out line and anytime I move, I roll back into the body outline. It’s really killing my back.

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My daughter has one and loves it so much.

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@chyna I have a Sleep Number bed. Queen size with adjustable firmness both sides. I’ve had it now going on 18 years. The “console” is the only problem I’ve had with it. When they sent a new one it was reduced in price for the warranty that was still left on it! I think they are a “stand up” business. My back is the reason I bought it. * I bought one of the least expensive models. I did NOT want foam anything. Foam deteriorates. I dont know if the new ones all come with foam layers or not.

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@chyna: it has helped my back. I really don’t know why my wife can’t get comfortable on it. She inevitably ends up in the couch in the other room.

Could just be an excuse to get away from me

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I wonder if there’s a way to whar zenvelo did and sleep on one at a motel before buying.

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Typed that on my iPad. I’m not sure what “whar” was supposed to mean!.)

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Well, I have a heated water bed with a feather mattress on top. Once I’m settled it’s damn near impossible to get out of in the morning because it is SO comfortable.

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