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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Asked by Modern_Classic (583points) July 25th, 2007

Is this a reasonable answer to the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? It depends upon who you ask. If you ask the chicken, the egg came first. If you ask the egg, the chicken came first.

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I haven't read that wiki article, but judging by the URL, I'd [probably] agree with it.

My opinion is that the egg came first, because the creature that is now known as a chicken evolved from something. Pre-chicken laid the egg, that modern chicken hatched out of.

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As the two previous answers prove it really depends on if you believe in evolution or creationism as to what you will answer.

Chicken came first for the Creationist
While the Egg came first for the proponents of Evolution.

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God didn't create any eggs?

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@sferik The most simplistic form of Creationism [according to Genesis] says that God said there should be animals and there were. Therefore if he[she/it/they] just popped a chicken into existence, said go forth and prosper, then the chicken would lay the first egg.

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God talked to chickens?

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Genesis 1:22 God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth."

Dunno if he was talking "to" them or just talking. I wasn't there.

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Great question. I would say the egg.

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Creationism? Evolution? I find it interesting that an ancient zen koan like question is currently framed in those terms. The 'egg' exists pre-laying as an ovum within the chicken, so if the chicken was "created" it was created with built in eggs or egg manufacturing sub system, i.e. Chicken and Egg where Created simultaneously. So the question might be a reframing of the so-called 'right to life' issue of life begins at conception: Egg Begins at Ovulation. Refering to the original question, which postulated the answer lies within the position of the questioner, the follow up question might be, which came an outside observer.

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Since I HATE eggs... chicken!

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This is a stupid, hoary and creaky joke; the really short answer is” the chicken, but the egg had more fun.”

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The eggs come to the table first. They’re breakfast ya know.

This gives the chicken the rest of the day to realize that if they eat your eggs they’re going to eat you too.

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egg came first. whatever animal evolved into the chicken laid an egg out of which hatched the first chicken. QED.

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If the egg came first what did it come out of? God created animals…not eggs.

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@babygalli, the egg was laid by an animal that was very similar to, but not exactly, a chicken. that’s how evolution works.

granted, if you ask “which came first, the chicken or the chicken egg?” that’s a different questions.

and, if your hypothesis that god created everything is correct, wouldn’t he/she/it have created eggs, too? as well as the whole reproductive system, i imagine…

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Depending on what you believe is whats going to realy influence your answer. “Personally i think it was the egg.

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better yet

what came first the woman or the man?

or were there a just bunch of hermaphrodites running a muck?

We will never know…

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Think of it this way. When the first animals were created. They weren’t eggs lying around. They started out as chickens. It seems to make a bit more sense to me.

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Even birds that are being studied right now are hatching eggs to a more evolved bird ie. longer beaks and shorter wing span and what not. So the chicken’s mom was not a chicken like we know a chicken. So it was the egg.

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what came first, the fetus or the adult?
i’m thinking it’s the chicken.
because i’m stuck in bible mode right now.

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a chicken and an egg are lying in bed and the egg is smoking a cigarette. the chicken sighs, switches off the lamp, and mutters, “well that answers that question”

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Thank God there’s chickens, thank God for Kentucky Fried Chicken

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This must be why the creationists are making such heavy weather of evolution. Somewhere, many millenia ago, the ancestor of the hen had the bright idea of laying an egg, which would develop while the parent did something else. Up to then reproduction was eggless. So, yes, the chicken came first. Now I come to think of it, from this point of view the Eden myth is a brilliant reconstruction of events.

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And you know what? I bet this ancestor looked nothing like a bird.

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Does it even matter?

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Of course not. But it is interesting to note the equivalences between myth and history. Latter day studies have led to the conclusion that many legends are based on sober fact, such as the story of the Minotaur, Jason and the Golden Fleece, etc. Maybe the story of Eden has a kernel of historical truth – the expulsion from the garden may well be a memory of a catastrophic weather change, or something like that.

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The chicken came first. For at the moment the “egg” was laid and hatched, which produced a chick. This chick had to have come from a chicken.

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Eggs have existed before chickens.
As for chicken eggs, which I assume you are asking about, they came at about the same time as chickens did.

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I believe in God and I still say the egg came first from the chicken pre-cursor.

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i think chuck norris came about first.
(oh no he didnt…. chuck norris jokes are so 3 years ago) haha
oh yes i did.

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Egg. Chickens come from chicken eggs, not from “pre-chicken” eggs.

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Has anyone found the Lucy chicken anywhere?

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Eggs. Not the hard shell eggs as we all know today but softcell embryonic eggs. When the earth was well in its own incubation stage after under going bombardment by meteorites. Meteors are known to deposit huge amounts of Amino’s. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and proteins are what promote growth in cells thus the conclusion to this question. Cell reproduction. Egg to Chicken!

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But…eggs need to be incubated at 95+ degrees to hatch.

HOW was the first egg incubated?

How did it evolve from cold dirt in a crater?

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False alternative. They showed up simultaneously

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