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What would you happily go in debt for ?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20609points) January 13th, 2018

And what would you not go in debt for ?
Mrs Squeeky and I would only go in debt for a house, or property nothing else.

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To clarify… Is this debt we plan on paying back?

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To start a business.

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If by “happily” you mean willingly and without reservation, then medical care for a loved one.

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@johnpowell yeah ya got to pay it back.
@RedDeerGuy1 OK,thanks
@canidmajor Nice.

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My answer is the same as @canidmajor ‘s. I wouldn’t say happily but of course I would do it.

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Pretty much house. Or anything they can take back.

I put a bunch of dental work on a credit card and then stopped opening letters from the credit card company. It has been a decade so my credit is good now.

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A move out of Trumpland, BFE, Illinois for our child.

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I’d go with house or something that retained value so it could be resold – hopefully at a profit.

I thought about @canidmajor ‘s noble answer and realized i wouldn’t even do that for myself. I would not put my family in debt to save others or myself. .

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There’s the difference between us, @LuckyGuy, at this point I’d only be putting myself into debt.

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@canidmajor Remember the adage “In case of emergency attend to your own oxygen mask before assisting others.”
PMing you now.

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My dream house.

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@LuckyGuy :: you do realize that tons of debt doesn’t land you in the gulag. It might make it hard to finance a new car but the liver transplant is more important.

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@AshlynM “tons of debt doesn’t land you in the gulag”. So true. If it weren’t we’d have a different Tweeter in chief.
Trump declared (business) bankruptcy at least 4 times with debt in the billions, screwing lenders, pension funds, contractors, painters, builders out of $4 – $8 billion – maybe much more.

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peace and contentment.

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House, business, education

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