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Do you do anything special w/ your family or friends on Fridays to celebrate the end of the week?

Asked by Snoopy (5798points) August 15th, 2008

We go out to eat and maybe do some shopping….
Usually not alot of money involved but we are all together as a family :)

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trumi. As in injectables…..or tequilla?

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Depends; Is it payday?

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It depends on whether my son is with me or his dad. If he’s with me, we’ll go out to eat. (Thank goodness he’s only eight and still has fairly cheap tastebuds.)

If I’m by myself, I usually go to the gym or run errands. ...Unless there’s some kind of party going on or somebody is treating me to some fun.

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It is payday….unless you work somewhere patriarchal that pays you on Mondays so you don’t blow your paycheck in a bottle over the weekend.

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Probably either Jack, Jim, or Jose.

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when I was married we would go out to eat on fridays after we got home from work and the step son and I would do something sports related on saturdays he was heavy into sports. now just being home is good enough for me no family in michigan.

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Not on a regular basis, no. But we should. I’ve noticed that when you do something special or fun on Friday, it makes the whole weekend seem a lot longer!

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Every Friday night we try a new recipe with our daughter. We usually have something from a different country or region. It’s great fun, and usually the food turns out pretty good . We try to pair the wine and music to the type of food we are having.

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@mzgator: What a great idea!

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Every Friday night, a group of friends and I try out a new place to eat. Tonight is Starliner Diner – Cuban food. I cannot wait!

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Eureka, that sounds like alot of fun.

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The word in the house is….we are going shopping for holly bushes of some variety or other….to replace the pine trees that we are whacking down tomorrow.

Food venue to be determined….

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Eureka – that sounds wonderful! Cuban food is so yummy!

We (when we’re all home) always rent a movie, play games (something on the Wii) just veg. Friday is always the night where everyone is just burned out.

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Thrusday – Sushi night
Friday – Wine Night
Saturday – Martini night
and of course Sunday brunch :)

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flameboi, sunday sounds the best I love brunch

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Flameboi- your Sunday sounds good to me, also. LOVE to go out to brunch!

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I never work on Friday nights. That is special.

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we normally start the weekend early with a tipsy thursday.

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Fridays in my families time to be together as a family it does not matter what we do. We just do something together. It is always a very fun time.

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We all go out to eat somewhere – semi-nice on payday, cheap on not. After that we usually take the kids to the video store to rent a Wii game and a couple of movies then hang out together at home with our rentals.

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I don’t do much with my family but I do party a lot with my friends.

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Everyone stays up late and I try to make something extra yummy that everyone likes to eat and is excited about….then we crawl into one big bed, and watch movies until we drop off into one big puppy pile….then in the morning we play restaurant, where yours truly is both, hostess, chef, and clean up crew. Sometimes the clean up crew forgets to work until Sunday…..

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I am around people so much that, so I usually spend Friday nights alone to unwind from my long weeks.

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I have my children every other weekend. When I have them, we go out to dinner on Fridays after I pick them up. That’s our tradition. On other Fridays, I run away from home.

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My husband and I go on a long walk.

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Friday is date night! If possible.

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We curl up on the couch, and watch “Step by Step” and “Family Matters.” ^o^

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I hate it that this question is so old, because Fluther doesn’t bring things to the “top” very effectively, but I like the question so…here it is.

I’m divorced, but my boys & I celebrate Fridays with “movie night”, where we order pizza and watch a movie together. It’s not like something big, or going out somewhere, but we have a name for it (movie night), and my kids (10 & 7) are really into it. They will remember this, when they’re older, and so will I. That’s very important to me.

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A nice dinner together, in or out. A snuggle and a movie in bed sometimes.

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