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What's up with the volume on our TV?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 15th, 2008

When we’re watching regular programming (cable) on television, we have to increase the volume to its maximum (50) – and sometimes even that is kind of low! But when my son uses his Wii or Game Cube, or when we’re watching a DVD, if we don’t decrease the volume all the way down to, say, 20 or so, we’ll blow our eardrums out! Why such a huge descrepancy? And is there anything I can do about it?

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Do you just have a TV? No sound system or extra set up?

Not being judgmental, I’m asking for tech purposes

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Nope, no sound system or extra set up. I am very, very low tech and far behing the times. Could that be the problem?

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Well, if I were trying to sell you something I would say yes. I was just asking to narrow down the source of the error. A sound system with surround sound speakers is great, but not necessary.

Besides checking the cables in the back, the settings on the TV (press Menu on the remote?), and the cable connection, I don’t know. I would guess it is a settings issue, which will just take some remote fiddling.

I’ll leave it up to the rest of Fluther to answer.

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The GameCube has a volume setting hidden in the OS menu (turn the GameCube on without a disc in it and fiddle with the menu that appears). I would presume the Wii has something similar. That might do the trick.

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Okay, guys, I’ll fiddle. Thanks.

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I don’t have an answer for you but I have the same problem. It does it between channels too. Certain tv channels we have to turn way up and others we have to turn way down. I have cable and no sound systems.

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The cable company controls the station-to-station discrepancies and tolerances for broadcast volume; if there is something extreme happening between cable channels and it is consistent, call the cable company and ask them to check out the box or send someone out to check.

As for the volume adjusting you can do, when you watch any source, start by adjusting the volume from the source (kevbo alluded to this with the Wii/Game Cube). Some cable boxes have volume controls on the box; start there and set the volume either all the way up or near max. If you feed your cable directly in to the tv then this is the most effective way to set the level; otherwise if it goes to an A/V receiver first, you may need to do a bit more looking into the setttings for audio output on the cable box).

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I’ve noticed that certain cable channels require that we turn the volume all the way up while watching a show or movie, but when a commercial comes on…whoa, you’ve got to quickly turn the volume way down, or suffer ear damage.

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McBean, we had this issue forever. In order to get an appropriate sound level, we had to hook everything up to a separate sound system. It was a pain. When we had to replace our cable box, all of a sudden the sound issue was cleared up. I asked the tech about it and he said sometimes a filter in the box screws up the sound. When the signal is through and auxiliary hookup, sound system, video game, etc, the tv is controlling the volume. When just using the cable box, the box is controlling the volume signal. You might want to check into replacing the box. Usually, they will mail you a new one with a box to send the old one back.

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