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I got to thinking about it, while responding to one of Dutch’s q’s…

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There will be divide for sure based on something or other.. Whatever you want to name it!!

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Yes, it would. Because people would still need to have some theistic explanation for bad weather, drought, illness, war, and so on.

People seek religious answers because they can’t accept rational ones.

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Interesting question. My first reaction was yes but on further thought I’m not sure. One of the strongest arguments for religion is the idea that life (of some sort) goes on. It’s very comforting to think that death is not the end of everything. So if there is no death, there is no end to deal with. Of course there’s always a tendency to explain the unexplainable (religion is good for that) but I’m not sure that’s enough.

I’ll say yes but not nearly as popular.

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According to many religions we are immortal. Another question might be if humans realised they were mortal would these religion exist?

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What sort of immortal are we talking about? And is anything else changing?

Generally, yes, depending also on what you mean exactly by “religion”.

I think spirituality, cosmology, myth and metaphor are the core and useful aspects of religion, for which there is a need and a human nature to create, even in the absence of a formal agreed religion.

If by religion you mean the crusty crappy version we see a lot of, with little or no real spirituality and a whole lot of dogma, hierarchy, tithing, rules, xenophobia and control-freakiness, then hopefully not.

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Well I don’t know! The biggest reasoning behind religion is the hope for an after life. Also you wouldn’t have threat of meeting your maker or going to hell.

This is a great question!

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I believe that I am immortal and I don’t go to church except for marriages and funerals. I’m still curious about the weird and wonderful.

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^So. There’s one verified answer. Our immortal jelly isn’t religious. ..

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@MrGrimm888 – the problem is that there’s no verifiable way to prove or disprove his assertion.

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Correct. But he perceives himself thusly, and isn’t religious. It fits the question perfectly. He’s the closest thing we have to an immortal.

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REligion started with immortal humans being tricked into thinking they were not
So says St John Henry Newman and I agree based on Genesis.

You completely eliminate the moral element by making everything into a fact.
Wouldn’t a person who knew they were immortal be more likely to ask WHO made me this way? I didn’t make myself.

You are not thinking clearly

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^Nothing can make you immortal.
It’s a mindset.
It’s something that you can only imagine.

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