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Are truck drivers' salaries in any way related to the stuff they are hauling?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24751points) January 16th, 2018

If your freight is in a refrigerator truck, do you get paid more?

What about hazmat stuff like gasoline or explosives?

What about extra long or extra-wide load trucks?

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think “nuclear waste”.

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My ex husband drove a tractor. To me, this didn’t make sense, he drove a chemical trailer for a while and a trailer hauling scrap metal. The scrap metal job paid much more than hauling chemicals.

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My understanding is that the salaries are whatever is agreed upon by their union and management.

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It has to do mostly with the financial status of the employer.
There are bonuses offered in many cases for loads delivered by a certain time. Some drivers work for a shipping company, so their load content can vary. Some companies have their own fleet.
I’m not sure what it is like for the indy owner/operators these days, or if anyone still does that.

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