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Yup there maybe a 51st state soon.

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People propose restructuring California all the time. You can tell this one is not real because it combines Los Angeles with San Fracisco. We in the SF Bay Area can’t stand LA.

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They wouldn’t be able to make it without federal money to help with the wildfires…

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Every state has one group of folks who “declare” secession from the rest of the state. I can just as easily declare myself High Emperor of Pan-America. In fact I do. Right here, right now: this is my official declaration. I am now, and forevermore, High Emperor of Pan-America. Each and every one of you residing in North, Central or South America, or any territory of any nation therein, are now my subjects.

Unfortunately, saying it doesn’t make it so.

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I saw this article. I don’t know that it will go anywhere, but they are certainly going about it the right way. They have the law on their side and they are working through it as they are supposed to. It will make for an interesting time if they succeed.

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@seawulf575 What do you mean, “they have the law on their side”? Any such proposal in California would require a referendum, followed by Congressional approval.

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@zenvelo I mean that they have a legal path for their effort. The US Constitution gives guidance for this as does the California law. That’s what I mean by them having the law on their side. And, it has been done before. That’s how we got West Virginia. Yes, they have a long way to go, but it isn’t some murky, fantastical idea. The talk of seceding that sprang up a while back was closer to that sort of idea. There was nothing in any of the laws addressing it, there was nothing giving a path for success.

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West Virginia might not be the best example to go by. They didn’t so much secede from Virginia as they refused to secede from the Union with the rest of Virginia.

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I wouldn’t say it was inaccurate but it is a bit misleading. It reports what the New California movement wants to do but it doesn’t give much detail on who is behind the movement or what support it has or how seriously we should take it.

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