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What do you say to someone who parts his head and his facial hair to apply sunscreen?

Asked by flo (11354points) January 16th, 2018

As asked.

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Nothing and I would move on.

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Is that if it’s a stranger or someone you’re friends with, or both?

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I would say “Bravo”! You are a smart man to apply sunscreen to avoid skin cancer.
I had two places on my head that had to be removed.

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I would say “feel like getting a beer?” and ask him if he knows any crazy women.

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I’d turn my back to him, and say nothing.

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For anybody who is sun sensitive and doesn’t wear a hat, it’s essential. I do it. I have very light skin and sun damage on my head and forehead. Normally I wear a hat, but sometimes I can’t or don’t and I put sunscreen where my skin is showing.

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But this is about parting the hair because the hair is thick enough to not expose skin.

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He is trying to prevent skin cancer. Why do you care?

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@flo The hair is often not thick enough to prevent sunburn. Just because you have hair does not mean UV radiation can’t get to the face.

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