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Have you ever been an extra in a movie?

Asked by rockfan (9216points) January 17th, 2018 from iPhone

If yes, how was the experience?

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I was an extra in “Dig Two Graves” and loved it. Although I waited many hours before the scene in which I had a brief speaking part was shot, the experience was great. I was there from early evening and was the last shoot of the day in the early morning hours. I would do it again.

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Not me, but a friend at college. They were shooting The Exorcist on a nearby college campus around 1977. A college friend of mine signed up to be an extra. He’s actually in the movie for about 2 seconds, when the priest is walking down the campus steps – my friend is in the background on the left.

He made about $120 for about three hours work, which in those days was a lot of money. He loved the experience.

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My sis went to LA many years ago during a hiatus from law school. Actually made some commercials and got small speaking parts in a few movies. Made decent money but finally returned to school. I almost went to a casting call in Austin once, after a few friends tried to butter me up by telling me “You should go you have the face for it” whatever that means. But I was busy with my job and never went. Might have been worth a shot though. Woulda shoulda coulda huh?

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Not me but they used our home for the exterior shots in Downton Abbey although in one shot I swear it’s me waving out of the far right second floor window

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I got pulled from a gawking crowd to walk in the background of Gioncarlo Gianini in the movie “Night Full Of Rain”.
I was cut out of the final release.

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Yes, the Kevin Bacon movie “Quicksilver” was filmed where I work. I am in the background of a couple scenes.

@Bill1939 Did you get a SAG card? A friend was an extra in a movie filmed in Tucson and had a line. When they filmed it, everything stopped as a SAG rep walked out and gave him his card. It’s usually a big deal.

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I was an extra in a made for TV move way back in 1984. I believe it was called “The Imposter” and starred Anthony Geary (who was on General Hospital for many years). Several of my friends and I did this. It was at a high school not real far from us.

It was pretty fun, mostly cuz I was watching General Hospital at the time so it was pretty cool to be in shots with Tony Geary. There was a lot of waiting around of course, but being with my friends made it fun.

I found it

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A guy from local magazine had offered to photograph me for an add when young…I was too busy with my studies so I declined..wish I had accepted it…who knows what would have happened then?

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One of my sisters was an alien in Alien Nation: Millennium 1996.

She was an aspiring actress at the time, living in Los Angeles. She loved the experience. She said she was in make-up for hours, but it was worth it.

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When I lived in Reno I had a cab driver I used semi regular. He did some bits. The easiest one to spot him is the intro on Bedazzled. The movie starts in showing different people and labeling them by their sin. He is the heavy guy buying from a street vender. I forget if he was overeater, or double dipper.
He was a real nice guy. I hope he has gotten a bigger part by now.

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No, I wish.

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@zenvelo, I did not have a SAG card and was told it was not needed. However, some years ago I was a grip in the movie “In Country” with Bruce Willis when scenes were shot in Paducah Kentucky. I was a member of IATSE Local 421.

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Not that I’m aware of.

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