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Do you wear a backpack every day, even though it is empty?

Asked by ragingloli (41997points) 1 month ago

Just in case you need it.
Or maybe you feel exposed or naked without it.

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No. I dislike backpacks.

I have a messenger bag I use to lug around my laptop when I’m teaching.

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Is this a metaphor?

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I usually take my backpack with me when I go out. I might want to buy something. It isn’t completely empty, I carry a pen and a waterproof, elastoplasts, paper hankies and a couple of reusable plastic bags in it at all times. I also feel uncomfortable as if I’ve forgotten something if I leave it behind.

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Not since I was twelve

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Not every day; only for travel.

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Backpack isn’t fashionable. I prefer handbag.

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I have carried a backpack to school and work most days since 1970.

There was a period of about 18 months where I had a large brief case i used because I traveled a lot on business and need to protect a laptop. Once I was able to get a backpack with alaptop sleeve, I stopped using the briefcase.

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I usually do, actually. It’s never empty, but it often has crap in it I don’t need. In fact, just yesterday I was walking out of the hospital without it (I had left it at home) and a respiratory therapist said, “Where is your backpack?”

Usually, I carry stuff like my coat, a stethoscope, my computer, my ipad, etc.

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Yes. I have either a backpack, book bag or something besides my purse. I may take a change of shoes, a book, dry snacks, etc… I like to be prepared haha! (I’ve heard backpacks are kinda nerdy after a certain age, but some are quite nice and fashionable.)

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No. I don’t even carry a purse any more. But this is relevant.

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