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Do any of you listen to soundtrack music?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) January 19th, 2018 from iPhone

I feel like that’s all I listen to. It’s great

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Sometimes. Sure..

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Do you mean background music in movies, or actual “soundtrack” albums which might feature songs by a variety of bands and singers?

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@Kardamom both. I’m kind of weird that way haha

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Well I love classical background music. It has a nice ambient appeal to me.

For commercial “soundtrack” albums it completely depends upon the music, just like with any other album.

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My first albums were soundtracks, as a kid. I still like the original Star Wars music (almost all the tracks) which I listened to a lot as a kid. Oh, and themes from James Bond films, and a few others – Conan The Barbarian has some good tracks, Das Boot, some of the spaghetti westerns, and some other.

If you like soundtracks, you might also try out various classical music, as it has some of the same qualities (and bits of it are often used for film soundtracks), but there’s more of it and it tends to be more elaborate and more developed.

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I have some soundtrack music in my collection. They can be fun, especially if the music brings back good thoughts about the movie or show it came from.

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I will listen to soundtrack compilations, like the Beatles Help album, or the soundtrack to Easy Rider. Even the son ndtrack to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

But I don’t listen to just orchestral or instrumental soundtracks, they don’t do much for me.

I had a good friend who had the Tubular Bells album, side one of which was the soundtrack to The Exorcist. That got old quick.

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I have quite a few that are movie musicals. Meaning they were Broadway musicals first and then turned into (often mediocre) film versions. Other than that I have a couple I really like such as the one from “Garden State”.

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I do when the mood strikes me.

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I love film scores and soundtracks. Some of my favorite composers are Joe Hisaishi, David Shire, Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard, Howard Shore, John Powell, and of course John Williams.

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Oh yes. Soundtracks in general is the best contemporary music.
here is one of my recent favourites

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@zaku I’m with you on the Star Wars soundtrack album. I finally got to see Star Wars today and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I got all goose pimply when that first chord rang out!

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From time to time.

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I always think of The Last of the Mohicans’ main track. Gorgeous….

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I just started watching Westworld and had to download the soundtrack. It’s amazing.

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^I love all the renditions of modern rock in WW. The whole show is very well done…

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^They had me at Black Hole Son.

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Hell yeah. RIP Chris…

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